Woman Reveals About Emotional Binge Episode And Her Husband’s Reaction To It.

I’ve struggled with my weight for my whole life (27F) coming from a family where health and exercise wasn’t considered a necessity and my mom made consistently poor quality meals. I’m married now, two kids of my own and I’m very good about healthy eating, and we even grow some of our own foods in our organic garden, so I’ve been able to manage my weight quite well in my twenties.

It’s been a stressful week and last night I stayed up too late watching Letterkenny and straight plowing my way through some leftover Easter candy. I was absolutely ham, I was just so distraught and upset and basically, I felt better afterwards, even though it was a bad thing to do. Then I fell asleep and forgot about it. Cue this morning, I’m getting dressed and notice the candy wrapper pile I’d accumulated last night is gone.

My husband notices this and cheerfully says he cleaned it up already, and that he was jealous, I should have invited him to my late night candy party! Honestly I was just wanting to burst into tears. How wonderful to hear something like that when all I had for myself were condescending thoughts, hurt feelings and angry judgement for myself. It was so sweet, the gesture and the statement. He loves me even when I’m a wreck. I really feel like i don’t deserve him sometimes.

Source: Reddit

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