Woman’s Sister Dies Unexpectedly, She Asks For A Day Off Work, But Coworker Says No Because Of Her Religious Beliefs.

It is never simple to cope with the loss of a loved one. When someone is mourning, it is beneficial for everybody around them to attempt to make their lives a little easier. When you’re dealing with a major loss, the last thing you want to worry about is finding somebody to replace your shift at work. Sadly, employers are not always eager to assist, and employees are not always able to accommodate you. In this story a teen got up in an ethically dubious scenario when seeking to get a shift covered at work so they could attend their sister’s funeral. Read the complete story below and determine if you believe they were wrong to ask their coworker for aid, and then let us know what you think in the comments.

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So, my sister just passed away during childbirth, and her funeral is on Saturday. I was very close to her, and I don’t want to miss it. It can’t be rescheduled, because there’s friends and family coming from out of town and it would mess up their schedule.

Our family was heartbroken, it happened so abruptly, my dad’s even coming from out of state for this, and he rarely comes here. We have an entire nursery we can’t even use. I asked for Saturday off at work to go to the funeral, but I would have to swap out with my coworker, who never works Saturdays because of her religion. I asked her, and she said that while she understood, she can’t come on that day.

I pleaded again and again, but she wouldn’t budge and told me to stop asking. She won’t even work on this one day, even though my sister literally died. I got a heads up from my manager that if I harassed her any more, I would get written up. I talked with my mom and step dad about this, and my stepdad is on my side, while my mom said I shouldn’t insult someone’s religion, and I was wrong for even asking.

I need this closure and I’m super frustrated and depressed, and my coworker isn’t even talking to me now, and some of my other coworkers said I shouldn’t have asked in the first place. Did I go too far here?

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