Women Did Nothing As Veteran Was Eaten Alive — Was Their Punishment Fair?

Hayley Sulley, 30, and Della Woods, 29, have shown themselves to be terrible people in more ways than one. Unfortunately, an old war veteran paid the price for these degenerates’ horrible actions, just because he happened to live nearby when they chose to starve their dog Charlie for two days.

An ignorant neighbor was practically eaten alive by the animal after the ladies left the enormous canine, which hadn’t had anything to eat or drink in two days, outdoors to swelter in the sun on a hot day without shade, food, or water. Sully and Woods had disregarded Charlie, letting him roam freely throughout their yard. When a neighbor opened his door, the ravenous dog charged at him, mauling him to death after the frenzied dog had fled its yard.

Retired hospital porter Clifford Clarke, who had just celebrated his 79th birthday the day before, was mauled by the Presa Canario breed in his own Liverpool garden after opening his back door to air out his kitchen while cooking supper. After the brutal assault, it was determined that Charlie was so hungry that he tried to devour a plastic dish, bird seed, and even some cigarette butts in the hours before killing Clarke.

Neighbors claimed to have noticed the dog acting dangerously before the event. One neighbor who observed Charlie “snarling” and “foaming at the mouth” phoned Liverpool council’s dog wardens but was informed it would take four hours for them to respond. Charlie discovered Clarke’s open back door not long after the phone call.

Screams could be heard coming from Clarke’s house as he cried, “Get off me!” One terrified neighbor saw the senior pulled out of his back door and attacked by the dog. He dialed 911, but by the time armed policemen came, it was too late.

Another witness described it as viewing a scary picture, while a cop described it as the worst thing ever seen. Despite the fact that police shot the dog, Clarke had already been mercilessly eaten alive by the insatiable monster, with the dog physically “amputating” the victim’s left arm and his right arm just “hanging by a thread.”

He is convinced that this horrible and powerful assault on Mr. Clarke was totally preventable, Judge Mark Brown told Hayley Sulley and Della Woods in court as the gruesome homicide was revealed. Mr. Clarke was actually eaten alive by Charlie when enormous quantities of tissue were digested by the dog, and that is a really terrible, horrible, and sad incident. Mr. Clarke died in a tragic accident, and they have deprived his family of the love and comfort he would have offered.

Hayley Sulley and Della Woods, both of whom sobbed in court, pled guilty to three charges of inflicting needless pain on a dog. They also acknowledged violating the Dangerous Dogs Act. The Presa Canario, which originated in Spain’s Canary Islands, was not, however, prohibited where they resided. It is, nonetheless, well-known for being a huge, strong breed.

This was a terrible assault on a helpless individual who had no way of defending himself against this enormous and strong dog, stated Prosecutor Gary Simpson. The guilty pleas of these two ladies have mercifully brought this matter to a very quick close, sparing Mr. Clarke’s family the anguish of a trial, Simpson said.

On that fatal day, Hayley Sulley and Della Woods were both accountable for the dog’s safety and conduct, the prosecution said. Their inability to make sure the dog was cared for and under control has resulted in a man’s death, and they must now come to grips with that. At this difficult moment, their sympathies are with Mr. Clarke’s family.

Surprisingly, the couple escaped a manslaughter charge. The ladies, on the other hand, were sentenced to one year in jail for letting their dog reach to the extent that it did, culminating in the tragic murder of an innocent man. Sulley and Woods are both barred from ever having another dog. As a result of the neglect imposed by these ladies, a man and a dog died. Despite this, they were only sentenced to twelve months in prison. Is it a severe enough penalty for you?

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