10-year-old spends birthday in ER after suicide attempt – mom laughed at and cursed by bully’s parents

Her loved ones praised Lilly-Jo Caldcott as a light of sunshine. She enjoyed playing with her pals, discovering outdoors, and enjoying time with her family, just like any other ten-year-old girl.

But when Lilly-Jo abruptly stopped participating in social events and quit eating, her mom realised something was badly wrong. Her mom, on the other hand, had no idea what was about to happen.

Lilly-Jo started refusing to attend school after a few weeks of entering middle school in Worcester, England. Her mother stated that she immediately acknowledged having troubles with another girl at school.

The bullying, both physical and psychological, worsened, and Lilly-Jo grew increasingly reclusive. It was difficult to get Lilly-Jo to school in the morning because she was so upset; she wasn’t eating and was making herself sick.

Her mother expressed that she had been to the school every day for the past 12 weeks to attempt to settle the matter with staff, yet nothing has improved.

Mom Jess outlined the misery that Lilly-Jo said she was going through in a letter to the school administrator.

She has yanked her hair, shoved her, hit Lilly-Jo, slammed a locker door on Lilly-head, Jo’s stamped on her damaged foot – the list goes on and on.

Lilly was then taken to her doctor on a Monday afternoon after confessing to taking an undefined amount of medications.

The doctor advised Jess to take her kid to A&E as soon as she displayed indications of disorientation. She spent the night at the hospital and awoke the next morning in good health.

Jess explained that on her child’s birthday, she got the kid in the hospital on numerous drips and being checked by mental health professionals.

After all of that, a formerly joyous and effervescent girl had been driven to attempting suicide.

Jess added that the doctor stated she would have died if they had left her for another two weeks. She is not going to bury her kid. Jess removed her daughter from school, and she is now able to speak about her trauma.

Jess, 27, stated that she had called the accused bully’s parents the day before, and they had phoned the police.

Jess explained that she obtained the mom’s number and called her to attempt to address things outside of school, and she simply told Jess that her daughter had done nothing wrong. She called again on Sunday, and the mom and dad were laughing and claiming it was a joke. They urged her to go to their place, so she went, and they contacted the cops.

The school principal stated that as the bullying was discovered, quick action was done.

The principal stated that this school takes all claims of bullying incredibly seriously, including racial, homophobic, gender-based, or disability-based bullying. The school has a robust anti-bullying policy in place.

When a little girl of ten years old commits suicide due to bullying, it tells something about society and the educational system, despite efforts to fix the problem.

Fortunately, physicians were able to rescue Lilly-Jo, but in rare situations, parents are compelled to bury their kids too soon. Children who report being bullied regularly by others are more likely to engage in suicidal behaviour and have poor physical and mental health outcomes.

No parent should have to bury their kid as a result of bullying! Share Lilly’s story to bring attention to this important issue and to make all aware of the dangers of bullying.

If we can get more people to read this and recognise how bad bullying is, we might be able to prevent someone from doing what Lilly-Jo did in the future.

If Lilly-story Jo’s impacted you, please help us increase anti-bullying awareness by sharing her heartbreaking tale in the goal of saving the lives of other kids.

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