Mom sets the record straight: Her ‘black & white’ sons are identical twins

Daniel and David, twin brothers born last year in Nigeria, are absolutely unique.

Every baby born into the world is special in their own way, however this couple truly stands out. They’ve amassed a sizable Instagram following in a rather short period of time. What’s the reason? They’re practically biologically similar yet they don’t look anything alike.

Daniel was born with dark complexion and dark hair, whilst his brother David was born with albinism. This provides a striking difference between the twins and is a genuinely captivating phenomena.

They didn’t know about their differences when she was pregnant, the scan didn’t reveal such so it was a tremendous surprise and the most fantastic occasion when the first twin Daniel came out with black hair and the second twin David came out with gold hair, mum Stacy remarked.

Because she had them through CS, the doctors said, ‘It appears you are having entirely unidentical twins.’

One in every 20,000 persons globally is thought to be affected by David’s albinism. The disease might cause health difficulties such as visual problems, but Stacy claims David is OK.

In March, the boys honored their first birthday with a Minions-themed party!

Stacy expressed about the boys’ Instagram page: They made an Instagram account for them as they feel they have a narrative to tell the world and also as a method of spreading awareness.

She added further that there are usually side chats anytime they go out, individuals frequently want to know how and what’s happening, and maybe people simply want to come near to say hi.

Stacy believes that the biggest gift these lads can give the world is knowledge and understanding. The twins are indeed stunning in their own way.

Daniel and David are very unique. At this time, the world needs to witness such kindness and positivity, so please help us share it.

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