Woman gets eyebrow transplant using hair from her HEAD – and now they won’t stop growing

A beauty enthusiast who over-plucked her brows as a teen had her brows transplanted using hairs from her head, but she needs to have them clipped every month as they ‘don’t stop growing.’

Isabelle Kutxi, from Tetbury in the Cotswolds, would spend 30 minutes every morning delicately drawing on her brows and even tried a few sessions of microblading but was dissatisfied with the results.

The 36-year-old was keen to get the ‘thick and fluffy’ brows that celebrities like Cara Delevingne had, so she chose to have an eyebrow transplant.

The beauty brand community manager flew to Poland for a £1,500 three-hour treatment in which individual follicles were extracted from the back of her head and manually implanted into sparse sections of her brows.

Looking in the mirror after they were finished was an emotional experience for Isabelle, who admits to crying when she noticed her new complete brow line.

Isabelle is thrilled with her new appearance 12 months later, in June 2021, stating it has ‘transformed her life’ and that she no longer hides when photographed.

Isabelle feels it’s valuable to have the brows she’s always wanted, even if she has to get them groomed every month.

Isabelle remarked that the interesting fact is that the hair is still growing like actual head hair. They do not cease growing like brows and can become very long if not clipped.

She goes to have her eyebrows clipped like hair by a buddy every month as  don’t want to do anything unpleasant. It’s worth it to have the brows she desires.

Isabelle stated that there was a fashion for having thinner brows as a teenager, but she over-plucked them to the point that they no longer grew back regularly.

Trends evolved, and fuller brows, like Cara Delevigne’s, became trendy. She saw celebs with thick brows and envied them.

She tried drawing on brows with a pencil, but it didn’t work; it took 30 minutes every morning. It worked the first time, but she was upset with how it appeared the second and third times, she says.

Isabelle found eyebrow transplants while watching a US cosmetic surgery show, dissatisfied by the time and money she had spent on temporary fixes.

After discovering that clinics in the UK were beyond her financial range, Isabelle looked into clinics in other countries and decided to have hers conducted in Poland.

Isabelle explained that she flew to Poland for the three-hour treatment, and when it was over, she burst into tears of pleasure upon seeing her larger brows. She showed the doctor photographs of celebs and influencer Jess Hunt and said she’d like something like that.

The doctor sketched the form on with a pen, then cut some hair off the back of Isabelle’s head and put individual hairs in her brows.

The operation was painless; the only discomfort she felt was when they gave her two anaesthetic injections, one in her scalp and one in her brows.

When she glanced in the mirror for the first time and saw her new brows, she sobbed since she’d waited so long for them.

She went back to the clinic the next morning to make sure everything was well, and the physicians were pleased with her transplant.

Then Isabelle had to wait as the transplanted hairs grew, fell out, and sprouted again.

Isabelle explained that she couldn’t sleep on them, bathe them, or touch them for at least two weeks following the transplant.

You have small hairs there for the first time, and then they fall out two months later. It took four or five months for them to start growing back permanently, and by eight months, they had entirely grown back.

You have two or three months of nothing and you assume it’s flopped, but it hasn’t. The doctor had advised her not to panic.

She just applied make-up like she had before the operation. When they grew back, they remained, and she was overjoyed to see the first little little hairs.

Isabelle’s confidence surged when her brows came back.

Isabelle added that it’s certainly given her more confidence since she would never take images too near to her face since she always despised her brows. She was always concealing; if someone took a photo of her, she would put her palm on her brows.

She looks younger, it’s also made her morning make-up process faster, it’s really altered her life.

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