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Ryder, 5, survives attack by two dogs – now cruel people call him a ”monster”

Ryder Wells, who is just around 7 years old, has lived through more tragedy than most people will endure in a lifetime.

Against all chances, the North Carolina teen escaped a vicious attack by two rottweilers while visiting relatives for Thanksgiving in 2015.

When the two 100-pound dogs mauled him, he was just 21 months old. He lost half of his face, had his teeth smashed, and had a fractured arm and lung punctured.

His family didn’t believe he’d make it, but this little warrior did and has now undergone roughly 50 operations.

Rather than being recognised for surviving such a horrendous incident, this precious little kid is now subjected to harsh remarks from both kids and adults.

When Ryder first started school, even the grownups started, according to his teaching assistant.

Mom Brittany expressed that when they go to the park, there’s a kid who points and screams ‘monster’ at him before fleeing away.

He was out shopping the other day when someone yelled ‘ew’ at him. It’s difficult, and it breaks her heart as a parent, that after all he’s been through, individuals aren’t always pleasant about something he can’t control.

But he is such a warrior that nothing can stop him.

Ryder’s survival has been regarded as a “miracle,” as doctors did not expect him to live.

The Granite Falls mother, 31, is now terrified of her kid entering school.

He wears glasses and a cap, and he sometimes hangs his head to conceal his face. But she reminds him every day that he’s lovely, that being different is wonderful, and that it’s okay to be different.

She simply soothes him as much as she can, but she is frightened of him going to school. There will always be a number of children that aren’t kind.

She now intends to enhance awareness about the impact of bullying on those with facial disfigurements, and she believes Ryder’s tale will make others reconsider how they treat those who appear different.

To assist kids like Ryder have the joyful life they deserve, we must educate our youngsters not to single out those who seem different and to be friendly to everyone.

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