10-Year-Old Uvalde Victim Created Heartwarming ‘Google Doodle’ That Now Lives On

Alithia Haven Ramirez, 10, was one of those kids who lost their life at Robb Elementary School during the firing. She had big visions for her upcoming future and planned to move to Paris after advancing from high school. There she would join art school, work on her skills and share her talents with the world. Unfortunately, those visions were cruelly broken up on May 24, when Alithia was gunned down. Now Google is honoring the ambitious artist by presenting her “Google Doodle” proposal online.

The “Doodle for Google” competition is a nationwide event held yearly. Aspiring artists can give in to their finest creations to be featured on Google’s foremost page. Alithia had made her design prior to her demise and possibly imagined of having her design selected from numerous other entries.

The Google page reads – in memoriam 2022 Doodle for Google contestant, Alithia Haven Ramirez, 10. The page has her picture as well.

In her portrayal, she drawn the image of a young girl sitting on a sofa knitting. Alongside, it has a small black puppy, who hugs to a teddy bear and behind them on the wall are several bits of artwork spelling out the words “GOOGLE.” The drawing is signed with only her initials, AR.

Alithia wrote that she hopes the world to see her drawing and display what she can do and she want people to be pleased when they see her desire in her drawing.

Alithia’s drawing has in fact been showed earlier. In fact, if you viewed Matthew McConaughey’s emotional plea from the White House press room previous month, you’ve probably seen some of it by now.

During a touching speech, the actor advised Congress to permit common sense gun regulations that would lastly put an end to mass gunfire like Uvalde. It was then that McConaughey shared few of Alithia’s creation with the world for the very first time.

McConaughey advised that we want safe schools and gun regulations that won’t make it so relaxed for the wicked people to get the weapons.

One of the parts was in fact a self-portrait. The10-year-old is seen drawing at home, as her friend, who had earlier died, looks down on her from paradise.

Google said that Alithia’s story and art deeply moved them and they wanted to honour her family’s appeal to share her exclusive talents that were so terribly taken as a consequence of absurd ferocity.

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