105-year-old Gussie celebrates her birthday by dancing up a storm along with her family

Living through your hundredth birthday is a feat that few individuals attain. That’s why Ms. Gussie desires to ensure she enjoys herself to the fullest.

Taylor, Gussie Dennis is 105 years old, yet her memory remains keen. She remembers her childhood on a farm in Greenville, South Carolina, where she grew up.

She remembers picking cotton on the farm and riding a two-horse wagon to church when she was younger. Her life revolved around the church. She later joined her church’s women’s league and became a prayer leader for it.

The 105-year-old has clearly enjoyed a long life. Even now, she has many loved ones who are overjoyed to be able to honor her. Gussie’s family, which included her three daughters, three grandchildren, and numerous great-grandchildren, celebrated her birthday.

Her 97-year-old “baby sister” was also in attendance to commemorate her sister’s milestone birthday. Longevity appears to run in the family!

Gussie was in a positive mood when her family gathered to rejoice. She made sure to dance up to the music while everybody around her sang ‘Happy Birthday.’ Her family members joined in, demonstrating that even at her age, she is full of life!

When questioned what she was most looking forward to, she answered she wanted to eat her birthday cake and whatever else the family had for supper, but especially she wanted to eat the cake.

The 105-year-old clearly has a sweet appetite since she teased that if she has the opportunity after everyone has left, she planned on slipping back downstairs to have some more cake!

Gussie grinned as her family laughed along with her at the prank.

What a wonderful way to celebrate Gussie’s 105th birthday. We would like to wish her a very wonderful blessed birthday.

Happy 105th Birthday, Ms. Gussie!

Happy birthday to Ms. Gussie who celebrated her 105th birthday in Huntersville on Wednesday!

Posted by WCNC Charlotte on Wednesday, 10 August 2022
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