11-Year-Old Rescues Younger Brother From Pond – He Deserves Our Praise.

Just an 11 year-old saves his 2 year-old brother with face down in the pond

It was past summer when the Groves family was together at Hyde Park in St. Louis. The Groves remembered a time when just 11-year-old Jayden became a superman.

Jayden recalls that they were having a family gathering and were vending food and washing cars. One and all were going about their business until someone named for Josiah, Jayden’s 2 year old younger brother, to realize that Josiah had strolled off.

Their mother said that nobody was looking by the pond and it was Jayden’s instinct that makes him to run towards the pond and then he screamed horribly. Jayden found his little brother face down in the pond.

He immediately rushed to pull him out of the water and bring him to dry ground. The moment Josiah was out of the pond, Jayden’s aunt began lifesaving technique of Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Gratefully, after being quick to hospital Josiah was okay, and he stay alive the accident.

Without Jayden’s help, Josiah might not have made it. Jayden is like a real champion. Jayden’s daring act was recognized by the mayor of St. Louis. 

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