Texas Cheerleader, 17, Jumps Off Homecoming Parade To Save A Choking Toddler.

A 17 year old juvenile cheerleader turns into a champion when she saves a choking toddler by basic life-saving skills.

A 17 years old youth cheerleader Tyra Winters, from Texas was enjoying her homecoming march. What happened subsequent has led to this smart and brave youngster being addressed a champion around the country.

While Tyra was enjoying the march, she spotted a mom in the mass calling for help as her infant son was choking to death. This was 2019, when Tyra Winters heard the anxious screams from a mom in the mass while she was on a float with her colleague cheerleaders and football squad from Rockwall High School, close to Dallas.

Tyra looked out into the crowd watching the parade and spotted the little boy in trouble as his face was turning super red. Clarke, the little toddler was choking on a portion of candy.

Clarke was turning purple when Tyra skipped the school float and ran towards him. She picked Clarke up and slanted him down and gave him two or three back pushes. Clarke then started spitting everything up. Tyra performed the Heimlich manoeuvre on the little Clarke. Heimlich is a first-aid procedure for dislodging an obstruction from a person’s windpipe.

Nicole Hornback, Clarke’s mother by this time had tried that lifesaving manoeuvre but it just did not work. Holding Clarke, Nicole then went through the mass trying to hand him off to anyone for assistance.

Clarke’s mother applauded Tyra for being so courageous and was so appreciative that she was willing to help save her child’s life as this was the most frightening thing Nicole had been through in her lifetime. It’s a day neither Tyra nor Nicole will ever fail to recall.

Tyra accredited her mother for teaching her the lifesaving trick, something that she took with her to save Clarke.

This encouraging story is evidence that we should all know simple life-saving abilities.

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