11-Yr-Old Girl Misses Single Day Of School For Mother’s Funeral, Pays The Price.

Since she did not have 100% attendance, an 11-year-old was denied permission to attend an end-of-year restaurant field trip.

Maddie Stevens wished to go to Frankie & Benny’s for the end-of-year school dinner trip with her classmates. Administrators at St. Giles Junior School in Bedworth, on the other hand, denied to let her go since she did not have the needed flawless attendance record for the school year.

Maddie had only missed one day of school due to her mom’s death.

Maddie’s mom passed away in January after a two-year struggle with breast cancer.

Maddie’s dad regards the school’s actions as callous in light of everything she has been through this school year.

Maddie has been simply incredible since her mom passed, Maddie’s dad Andy remarked. She only took one day off to attend the burial since they wanted to make things as regular for her as possible. But he’d say this even if she’d taken a week off.

And then she gets this kick in the face, Andy said. Her school should be applauding her accomplishments, not telling her, she can’t come on the school excursion as her mother died.

It made her feel bad that she couldn’t go; it would have been a lovely gift. It’s been difficult for her to help her mother for the past two years, Maddie explained.

The school’s administrators have yet to apologize, despite being informed of the purpose Maddie missed one day of school.

Every time he thinks about it, he becomes more and more irritated, and is surprised they didn’t apologize to Maddie, Andy added. It appears like they are now penalizing them for speaking up.

After concerns voiced, the awarding of children for 100% attendance has been stopped, St. Giles said in a statement.

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