Barber Doles Out “Balding Man” Haircut As Punishment To Misbehaving Kids.

A barber in Atlanta’s suburbs became well-known for offering bad haircuts. Only this time he was doing it on purpose!

If your boy hasn’t been behaving himself, it’s time to arrange an appointment with Russell Frederick.

His world-famous “balding man” hairstyle makes young lads seem like old men!

Russell has an unusual manner of luring customers to the A-1 Kutz barbershop in Atlanta, Georgia, where he works as a hairdresser.

On a good day, a frequent client will come in for a haircut or beard trim.

They could even wind up having a hairstyle like this. Even this boy’s sour countenance appears to be quite natural, right?

On a “poor” day, when your child has been exceptionally misbehaving, you might order the “Benjamin Button Special.”

It will change any normal-looking young guy into a grandfather with male-pattern hair loss!

In the 2008 film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Brad Pitt’s character, Benjamin Button, matures backwards.

The reverse is true when you step inside Russell’s barber shop! Russell writes on his Instagram page:

“ATTENTION PARENTS if u have a son that wanna act grown I will give EM this grown man haircut for FREE…”

It’s not merely a matter of shaving someone’s head till he’s bald. Young men do that all the time, and it’s sometimes even hot!

The Benjamin Button Special, on the other hand, entails a targeted shave along the middle of the head, leaving a glossy bald patch behind!

A tight shave around the top of the head achieves the dreaded “going bald” appearance that so many men strive, and largely fail, to conceal.

This isn’t precisely a dream come true, but it’s not intended to be. Russell began giving similar haircuts to his own kid as a kind of “punishment,” as using the belt to discipline is somewhat disapproved of these days.

Russell, on the other hand, sees things differently and says that few individuals claim emotional abuse, but on the whole, all are thanking the mother who brought the kid in — and applauding him as well.

Rushawn, Russell’s 12-year-old son, received this good old-fashioned grandfather do-over as punishment for his poor grades. His grades “dramatically increased!” soon after that.

Russell has already had one mother take advantage of his Benjamin Button Special. In terms of whatever shame her kid may have suffered, she claims he is unconcerned.

As a joke, he began referring to himself as “old man Jenkins”! What are your thoughts on this type of haircut justice?

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