13-Year-Old Boy Killed By What Fell From The Sky As He Was Playing Basketball

An Indiana youngster was killed after being struck by a gunshot that fell from the sky, according to investigators.

Noah Inman, 13, was playing basketball with a group of buddies about 9:30 p.m. when he fell. Witnesses contacted an ambulance after suspecting the adolescent had a seizure.

Doctors confirmed that he had been hit by a falling gunshot fired into the sky by an individual from the neighborhood when he arrived at the hospital. He died a few days later.

The shot was “most likely discharged into the air like a firecracker,” according to cops.

Sadly, this is a frequent conduct by many of the city’s gun owners, and they require to understand that this behavior has repercussions and will be punished harshly by the Hammond Police Department, the police department stated in a statement. They ask that the public limit their Fourth of July festivities to lawful fireworks alone.

Hammond police issued a second statement after knowing of Noah’s death.

The Hammond Police Department wishes to express their sincere condolences to the Inman family, stated the statement. They wish them peace to comfort them, courage to face the days ahead, and wonderful memories to cherish for the rest of their lives. Their hearts go out to them during this difficult time. When logic fails you, pray for peace. They shall join them in prayer.

The individual who fired the pistol has yet to be identified by authorities.

The Inmans, according to Hammond Mayor Tom McDermott Jr., are a good, close-knit Hammond family who honor education, and Noah’s death was a terrible accident.

He is not sure what those who shoot their weapons in the air believe occurs — that the bullet vanishes into thin air? he stated. The bullet may have originated from Munster, Cal City, East Chicago, or anyplace in the vicinity.

It’s like being struck by lightning — it’s so senseless, he continued. It’s a terrible incident, and he hopes those responsible come forward.

Noah’s baseball team wore hats with Noah’s initials and jersey number sewn on them the weekend of his death.

They played three games this weekend, and hearing them yell every few minutes had him teared up, Juan Maldonado, the team’s coach expressed. Here he is coaching his kid, and Noah, whom he has trained since he began, is not here.

Noah was described as a “dream kid” by Maldonado.

He worked hard in all he did. He would catch the entire game if one instructed him to catch on a 100-degree day, he said. He would sit without grumbling if one had to bench him due to the number of youngsters. There are usually a few difficult kids to coach, however Noah was one of the exceptions.

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