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Ron Howard Wed High School Sweetheart & They Made It to 47 Years — They Still Go on Dates after Having 4 Kids

Ron Howard has paved his name in Hollywood as a distinguished actor, director and producer with numerous achievements. Now at 68, the legend is a mentor and role model to several forthcoming actors.

Though Ron certainly did a lot of hard work to turn out to be successful, but his spouse, Cheryl Howard, is the special person behind him cheering on. The couple have been together for almost five decades, but their love tale dates back to when they were still juveniles.

They first came across in the 11th grade and they were 16 at that time. As per Ron, there was an instant connection. After making a linking for a brief period, on November 1, 1970, the couple ultimately went on their first date.

Almost 47-years later, on November 1, 2017, Ron celebrated the instance by taking to Twitter to share a lovely image of him and Cheryl hugging each other in a charming location.

Certainly, Ron and Cheryl’s foremost date is a day they will not ever disremember.

The couple has now been married for over 4 decades, yet their passion for going on dates has not dithered. The couple still goes out by themselves and relishes each other’s company like old times.

Ron shared a picture on November 26, 2021, of him and Cheryl in London. The pair seen pleased as Cheryl leaned into her partner’s hug, while the pair wore big smiles.

Just few months past, the loving husband shared a photograph of him and Cheryl taking the afternoon to walk in the tropical forest of Queensland.

In addition to hiking, the power couple also like going out for lunch dates and Ron never fails to seize such instants and share them with his followers on social media.

Other pictures surfaced on Ron’s Instagram page have also included the twosome spending time together while taking a stroll in the rain and walking their lovely pup.

After nearly 5 decades of matrimonial, it is boundless to see Ron and Cheryl still content and in love. The lovebirds marked 47 years of marriage on July 7, 2022, but did not share how the event went by.

Ron has been vocal over the years, about his enduring nuptial. He has shared how fortunate he feels to have met his spouse and the enigmas to their joyful unification.

Lifelong matrimonies like Ron and Cheryl’s have secrets, and for the twosome, Ron has said that communication is vital and there is no other way.

Ron has also revealed that luck has a part to play, as one can’t forecast if a pair will nurture together or not. Additionally, Cheryl’s stanch backing for her husband is one more reason they have climbed through.  

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