Woman Is Worried Her Drink Might Get Spiked On The First Date, Guy Surprises Her With A Thoughtful Gesture To Make Her Feel Safe With Him.

The terrible stories of women becoming unwitting victims of alcohol spiking frighten the news on a regular basis. It’s no surprise that many women don’t feel comfortable in public with strangers. And first dates are no different. A lady described how this man astonished her with a lovely gesture that made her feel protected on their first date. Do read the whole story.

Source: Reddit

So I’ve (21F) been getting back into dating lately. I met this one guy (27M) off Bumble and we hit it off. We went on our first date on Thursday. We spent like 4-5 hours together, getting to know each other and such. Those 4-5 hours were great!

We then went to a restaurant later in the day and when I got my drinks (water and a pink lemonade), I needed to go use the bathroom. But I didn’t trust him enough to leave my drink unattended (because duh, it was our first time meeting). I tried to cover it with my cloth napkin but obviously – that wouldn’t stop him if he tried to drug me. 🤣

I said how I’d just wait until I get home to use the bathroom (since the restaurant was only a few minutes away from my house). When our waiter came back to us, my date proceeded to say to the waiter:

“Hey, it’s our first date. Can you take her drinks and hold them while she goes to the bathroom and bring them back when she gets back?”

WHEN I TELL YOU IN MY HEAD MY JAW DROPPED!!!! I have NEVER had a guy do that for me before or I’ve never heard of any guy doing that with any woman before! I know some of you are probably thinking “That’s the bare minimum”. Well, he went out of his way to ask the waiter to HOLD MY DRINKS to assure me that I would be safe with him. That was amazing to me personally.

We had a great date and had another one tonight (Saturday). Looking forward to seeing where things go with him. 😊

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