13-Year-Old Girl Was “Dropped On Her Head” On Playground And Suffered Severe Brain Injury

A 13-year-old girl suffered serious brain damage after being “fallen on her head” on a playground made of concrete. On July 8, the event took place at Archbishop Sentamu Academy.

Neeka Atkinson was allegedly dumped by a child, who then “walked away laughing.” She was lifted up by the neck by the child, as per her startled relatives, before being thrown head first to the ground. In tears and pain, Neeka rushed to the student services office. She started experiencing convulsions, so someone took her to the hospital. Doctors found the child had a significant blood clot and a brain hemorrhage after the playground incident, according to reports.

From what they know, he pulled her up by the neck at first and then slammed her head first onto the concrete, then walked away smiling, said Alisha Atkinson, a sales manager from Hull and Neeka’s sister. She further said that Neeka was taken urgently to the hospital, where they quickly performed a CT scan and put her into a coma. She was hurried to surgery, which took four hours, when they discovered she had both a large blood clot and a brain bleed.

She will be moved to Leeds or Sheffield because they lack the funds to keep her at Hull Royal. Neeka is currently conscious in the hospital, however she is having difficulty speaking and can only use the right side of her face. Since she was unable to utilize her body any more, she broke down and questioned her grandma whether she was “dead.”

Helen Winn said on Monday that she had started her new job as the executive principal at Neeka’s school, after a recent event with their 13-year-old pupil, they are all quite concerned about him. During this extremely trying time, their thoughts are with her, her family, and her friends. They are really appreciative of the excellent job done by their medical staff members, who they know are doing everything possible for her. They are unable to say anything more at this time due to the participation of the authorities in the matter.

A teen boy was seized and then freed on bail as Humberside Police investigated the event. According to a department representative, they received a contact just after 4pm stating that the girl had sustained a major injury earlier that day while at school, presumably caused by a male who is known to her. They said, detectives are looking into the situation, and several enquiries have already been made to determine the exact circumstances surrounding the occurrence.

When Neeka is flown to Sheffield, Atkinson sets up a GoFundMe campaign to assist cover the cost of their grandmother’s housing and transportation. Any extra money will be used towards the girl’s recuperation and any equipment she might need in the future.

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