After their mother left them as infants, a single father without arms or legs raises two daughters.

We experience a level of love that we never imagined when we become parents. Since the moment I laid eyes on my child, I realized that my time on this planet would never be the same again, I can truly say that the day I became a parent was the best day of my life.

Of course, I’m not alone in feeling this way; ask practically every parent in the globe, and they’ll likely express a similar opinion. Unfortunately, not all parents are like this. Some people have the unfathomable capacity to leave or, worse still, abuse their kids.

One family in Paraguay has lived through both extremes, and their narrative starts with a woman by the name of Doña Ignacia, who, coincidentally, turned 90 last year, in 2021.

She gave birth to a boy named Pablo Acuña when she was younger, only to discover soon after that he wasn’t growing normally.

She said she immediately saw that her son, at a young age, wasn’t developing much. At some point, she and her husband decided to take him to the hospital to learn what was amiss and whether there was anything they could do to assist.

Ignacia stated he was in the hospital for two or three months, and then the dad brought him back just as when they left.

Tragically, it turned out that Pablo had a birth defect that prevented the growth of his limbs, leaving him without arms and legs.

As she would with any other kid, his mother instinctively stayed by his side and provided nursing care. As he grew, Pablo needed a wheelchair, yet his mom never stopped telling him he was unique and deserved to live just as much as anybody else.

Pablo may have had the mindset he required to make a meaningful contribution when he became a dad because of this compassion. According to stories, he had two girls of his own, but when they were small, their mother left and left him.

Pablo was able to raise the two kids with respect and compassion despite the evident problems and hardships he has in his life. Now in their 20s, one of them, Elida, has spoken affectionately about her dad.

She said that even though he never went to school, he is smart and clever, and she noted that no matter what life has thrown at him, he is always joyful and optimistic.

She stated that her dad is her everything. He is her pal and the world’s greatest father. She came here to live for that reason and left her life in Argentina.

To be able to take care of him since her grandma is already old and can no longer do it.

I’m not sure about you, but I admire the optimistic message of unwavering familial love that this tale conveys.

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