14-year-old buys camper from 1974 & renovates it, one look inside & I’m speechless.

When summer vacation arrives, many students are unsure what to do with their free time. Some teenagers acquire summer jobs, while others go to camp or go on vacation with their parents.

Ellie Yeater, 14, of West Virginia, on the other hand, understood precisely what she planned to accomplish with her summer. She’d spend her time realizing her ambition of renovating an old camper into a wonderful hangout for her pals.

What was the ultimate result? This girl deserves all the accolades in the world.

Ellie Yeater, 14, opted to totally restore a 1974 camper over the summer of 2016.

She bought it with her birthday money and transformed it into a lovely haven to call her own.

It was going to take a lot of effort to clean up the interior.

The furniture had been neglected since the 1970s and required extensive restoration.

It required a lot of work, Elli’s mother, Lori, said to Woodcraft.

Ellie, on the other hand, was eager to tackle her dream project, and she began by scrubbing the flooring.

Her father and brother are also skilled renovators, and they were on hand to assist and advise her.

It was time to start decorating after scrubbing the flooring and eliminating the rot.

Ellie’s initial preference was to alter the color of the camper.

She wanted it to reflect her personality, so she painted it a bright, lovely blue dubbed “mystic sea.”

It was now time to attack the interior.

Ellie painted it a peachy color with turquoise blue accents.

Ellie also installed a new floor.

The old tiles from the 1970s were replaced with new, wood-patterned tiles.

It was now time for Ellie to bring in the decorations.

Even Ellie’s grandma got involved at this point, making curtains, towels, and pillow covers.

Ellie transformed the camper into her own little retreat in only one summer, and the before and after photos show it scarcely recognizable.

Isn’t it amazing that a 14-year-old was able to complete this project? Impressive!

Ellie received advice and instructions from her loved ones who wished to assist her with her summer project while she was working on it.

And, obviously, they were always welcome to pay her a visit in her camper.

Talk about doing something productive on your summer vacation! Ellie, you did an excellent job!

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