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School Bus Driver Passes Out — 13-Yr-Old Boy Grabs the Wheel of Bus Packed with 60 Kids.

We are all unwittingly sitting among heroes, and for the students at Carter Middle School, it was Dillon Reeves, 13, who saved their lives.

Dillon was one of 60 students on a school bus when the bus driver became lightheaded and passed out.

The courageous 13-year-old youngster responded fast to stop the bus, averting a potentially fatal collision.

It had been a typical afternoon. Steve Reeves, Dillon’s dad, was making supper and waiting for his son to return from school.

While Steve and his wife, Ireta, waited, they noticed kids being dropped off and running to the park, which alerted them to the fact that something was out of the ordinary.

Steve’s wife chose to stroll up to the park after seeing the accident location. But before she could even phone her husband to see whether Dillon had arrived home, the cops began calling and informing them about their son’s heroic moment.

Earlier, Dillon’s bus driver began to feel dizzy. She made an announcement over the intercom that she needed to pull over. But she’d already passed out before she could get to where she wanted to stop the vehicle.

When Dillon realized the bus was driving into oncoming traffic, he dropped his bag, dashed from the fifth row to the driver’s seat, stepped on the brakes, and attempted to put the gear in park. He even demanded that someone call 911 for the bus driver.

Fortunately, the Warren Police and Fire Departments reacted swiftly, and the kids were transferred to another bus.

It was Dillon’s courage in halting the bus that allowed every youngster to escape alive. According to sources, the bus would have collided with many automobiles and a home. ”He’s a local hero,” a Facebook commentator shouted.

Warren Consolidated Schools Superintendent Robert D. Livernois praised Dillon for remaining cool despite using all of his might to press the brakes. “An extraordinary act of courage and maturity,” he wrote.

Even social media users commended the adolescent’s boldness, saying that his prompt response will be important in his future job endeavors.

On the way home from school today Dillons bus driver passed out at the wheel and Dillon jumped into action and stopped…

Posted by Ireta Marie on Wednesday, 26 April 2023

Dillon’s parents were also lauded for raising such a courageous youngster and providing him with the required skills. “Thank you very much!” Teach your children essential life lessons! “You never know!” said one person.

One user even said that Dillon’s tale had made their year and that Steve and Irete were fortunate to have raised such a nice young kid.

Above all, it felt good that so many children’s lives had been saved, as no one could have predicted what would have occurred if Dillon had not intervened.

Dillon’s parents indicated that he aspires to be a fireman when he grows up, and online users are certain that the 13-year-old will be able to utilize his courage and rapid response abilities to his advantage.

Many people, including Dillon’s parents, were perplexed as to how the 13-year-old understood how to stop the bus. But, according to his dad, he generally drives around with him, and Dillon pays attention.

Steve said that his kid is constantly attentive, not only while he is with him but also when he is on the school bus. When Irete questioned her son how he was able to take charge, he said, “I watched her do it every day.”

A press conference was arranged to honor the boy’s courage, and his parents expressed their joy for their kid while also being in awe of the tremendous event.

Macomb County has a new hero! Seventh grader of Carter Middle School, Dillon Reeves of Warren, prevented a potential…

Posted by Macomb County Prosecutor on Friday, 28 April 2023

To do something like this fills her heart, makes her heart skip a beat, to even watch that video again, his mother remarked, fighting back tears. She is simply proud, and she can’t even convey how proud she is.

Steve went on to say that he was surprised that it was their son who had done something so daring. He said proudly that it’s an honor; they’ve got a little hero.

Despite the emotional roller coaster, Steve and Ireta are thankful that all kids are safe and that their kid was responsible for something so meaningful. “We praise God and are just trying to raise a good child,” the parents stated.

7th Grader Stops School Bus After Driver Passes Out

A Michigan seventh grader is earning praise for his heroic actions on a school bus. Before his school bus driver can pull over due to feeling dizzy, she loses consciousness. That's when 13-year-old Dillon Reeves jumps into action and saves the day.

Posted by Inside Edition on Friday, 28 April 2023

The bus driver is allegedly in the hospital getting medical treatment, while the youngsters are receiving counseling to help them handle this terrifying situation.

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