14-Yr-Old Steals Family Car For Joyride — So His Parents Decide To Punish Him By Giving Away All His Stuff.

Angel Martinez, a 14-year-old Arizona kid, probably felt he could get away with driving his parents’ Range Rover without permission while his parents were on holiday. Sadly for him, his joyride took a perilous turn, drawing the notice of the local cops, and the rest was history.

Angel said he simply wanted to drive, but he didn’t have a license, so he took it. He can wash the vehicle, but he doesn’t have anything to dry it with, so he is going to take it for one spin until it dries, he said. When the authorities caught him speeding and alerted his parents, that excuse didn’t cut it.

Angel attracted the attention of the authorities after unsettling his neighbors by flying around his North Phoenix neighborhood at hazardous speeds. His parents were notified. Angel’s dad, Ramon Martinez, and his wife were enjoying their anniversary in Las Vegas when he got the call, and he was not happy. When the boy’s parents arrived home, they resolved to enforce the law.

Ramon and his wife created a novel punishment in the hopes of teaching their kid a lesson. Angel’s parents thought it was time to clean house since he had been in trouble a few times previously and had no other alternatives.

They made it back to the house, Ramon said. They pulled all his things out, his room is completely empty, and they’re simply giving all his stuff away, he said, referring to his son’s personal items.

Angel’s stuff was not only laid out in front of the house for anyone to take for free, but his parents also forced him to remain outside for hours with his items and an apology sign.

The cardboard sign stated, “Sorry I stole my parents’ car and was speeding.” Angel’s stuff was moving as quickly as the Range Rover he was driving, which meant he’d be sleeping on the floor or a sofa for a while. Angel now understands what it’s like to have his personal things removed without his consent, and his father hopes that it will teach him a lesson.

Ramon said that the innovative punishment and notice were designed primarily to apologize to the neighbors for Angel’s risky actions. He may have run over someone. He speculated that something really horrible may have occurred.

Perhaps one does what’s right, and one will be able to tell later in life, but the disappointed father expressed his aspirations for his parenting approach. For the time being, they are just trying to keep him out of trouble and make sure he knows that actions like this will not be accepted, he continued.

Despite the fact that Angel’s parents gave away his clothes, bed, and television set to total strangers who stopped by their house, the youngster seemed to have accepted it all in stride. It’s a little strange, but he believes it’s a fair penalty. But, as his father said, only time will tell if it was helpful in conveying a point and stopping the youngster from doing anything similar in the future.

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