17-Year-Old With Cerebral Palsy Dies Of Starvation And Infection, Mother And Stepdad Charged.

Jordan Brooks, a 17-year-old with cerebral palsy was pronounced lifeless in his New York home after his parents, mother Lisa and step-father Anthony Waldron, informed authorities that he had become insensitive.

Having doubts of foul play, authorities hurled an enquiry into Jordan’s death and ten months later, investigators are certain of that the boy’s parents were responsible for the crime.

Lisa and Anthony have been officially charged with murder and criminally negligent killing in Jordan’s sudden death. The couple has also been charged with first-degree risking the welfare of a physically disabled person.

The charges were made a month after a medical examiner ruled Jordan’s death a murder. Based on his autopsy, it was found that starvation and infection had a key role in his death. 

According to the info’s, Jordan was severely malnourished and was even covered in bruises when paramedics found him. Seemingly, he needed a substantial amount of attention and had to use a wheelchair to get around towards the end of his life. But the sores in his body point out that he had long been ill-treated and ignored. Even his teacher claimed that Jordan would often come to school without having his teeth brushed and diaper changed. One time he was covered in urine after his soaking wet diaper leaked through his pants and onto the wheelchair. Regardless of his teacher’s numerous efforts to have the CPS do something about it but they were met with anger and infuriation.

Local inhabitants have since vocal about their shock and outrage over the care, speculating why nothing was done to avert the demise of the stranded boy.

Boy’s neighbour said that CPS has absolutely let them down. She noted asking why the social service workers didn’t take the matter seriously in spite of numerous reports from his teachers. Another resident also feels that the CPS failed to save Jordan’s life. 

Meanwhile, Jordan’s parents have pleaded not guilty to the charges against them. Both were released on bond with Anthony’s bond being set at double the amount than that of his wife because of his reluctance to voluntarily turn him in. Waldron has earlier served a 2-year jail sentence for attempted second-degree robbery.

Lisa’s 14 year old daughter could possibly be a witness in the case. The DA, however, is worried that her testimony may be influenced if her mother or stepfather is permitted to get in contact with her.

Thus, a stay-away order which is subject to modifications in the future has been approved by the judge with the girl living at her relative’s place presently. 

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