Gary Sinise Wells Up At Heartfelt Tribute From Tom Hanks To His Charity Work.

You likely recall Gary Sinise for his role as Lieutenant Dan in “Forrest Gump. He is an enormously popular actor but his accomplishments in Hollywood pale in contrast to the work that he has done for American veterans.

Gary Sinise created the Gary Sinise Foundation in 2011 and it raises $30 million every year. The foundation works to serve all 3 branches of the US military. They build smart homes for injured old-timers and execute concerts and shows for military workers both at home and abroad.

Sinise lately opened up about the work that his foundation does. He said that all the problems that we hear about with regards to veterans not getting facilities or falling through the cracks would vanish if every person around the country took a little bit of accountability for patting these folks on the back and if citizens would look at their freedom providers in a little bit different way.

When Sinise was younger, the Vietnam War was on-going. He was just 10 when American troops were first sent to the country. He was 20 by the time the war was completed. Sinise also spoke about how the Vietnam War influences his inspiration to do the work he does. He said that he felt awkward that when they were off at Vietnam War, he was unaware to what they were going through. He has just tried to give them something back. Sinise would also say that the 9/11 attacks in 2001 also strengthened his resolution to do more for America’s troops.

Gary Sinise’s generous work is about giving back to the military public but of late several people have decided to give back to him. Numerous celebrities and military personnel took part in a video to thank Gary for all that he has done to help the troops.

Celebrities such as Jay Leno sent messages to Sinise in the video. Ron Howard said that Sinise’s   commitment, dedication and his effort are awesome. Rob Lowe said that thanks for everything Sinise do for our warriors.

Sinise’s Forrest Gump co-star, Tom Hanks, also sent a special message in the video to Sinise, saying “Thanks Lieutenant Dan!”

Gary Sinise gets emotional as he watches the video and he begins to tear up. It is clear that the warm messages of gratitude has hit home with him. He sees people are truthfully thankful. Grateful is perhaps the word that best recapitulates Sinise. It’s included in the title of the book he released in 2019, “Grateful American: A Journey from Self to Service, by Gary Sinise.”

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