18-year-old drowns saving 3 young children from churning water – rest in peace

According to accounts, an 18-year-old lady from Bagley, Minnesota, perished in a lake last summer after saving numerous kids from stormy water. Raina Lynn Neeland was recognised as the lady by the Clearwater County Sheriff’s Office.

According to witnesses, a bunch of kids were swimming near the dam, but the water level was significantly higher owing to the recent heavy rain. Some of the children were subsequently trapped in the swirling water that was pouring over the dam.

According to accounts, three of Raina’s siblings and five of her relatives were among those swimming. Three of her younger cousins, ages 10, 8, and 6, became entangled in the swirling water.

Raina’s aunt, Victoria Wind, stated, “From what they gather, when the kids walked into the water, the current was so strong that it may appear calm on the surface. The water levels were greater than usual, and the kids plunged in, assuming nothing had changed… the youngsters were in the water, tumbling in the water.

Raina’s grandma, Lenny Neeland, stated that Raina instantly rushed in to assist the youngsters. Lenny explained that she must have jumped in and flung them where her brother could grasp them and drag them to land. She brought them near enough for him to pull them out. Raina’s brother eventually dragged her out of the water.

The first deputy to arrive on the scene was called after an 8-year-old boy was retrieved from the water and was unconscious. Bystanders at the incident administered CPR and were successful in resuscitating the infant. “I think there were a lot of angels at that dam assisting people get out of the water,” Lenny went on.

Despite the efforts of witnesses and paramedics who provided CPR, Raina was unable to be rescued. Lenny expressed that Raina always wanted to assist and protect others, and that’s precisely what she did. She thanks God for Raina, because she rescued her other granddaughters, since things could have been much worse.

Meanwhile, the children Raina helped have returned home to recover after being released from the hospital on Monday. Raina’s family has put up a GoFundMe page, which reads: “Raina’s family and friends adored her. Raina enjoyed cooking with her grandmother and assisting in the care of her siblings and relatives. Raina drowned while attempting to save her younger relatives.

All donations will be used to cover the costs of her funeral and to assist my family with everything. Sorry if I’m not good at talking about being in need, but we’re all grieving right now as a result of the death of one of our young family members. Thank you for all of your help.”

It makes me extremely upset to know about such an awful death toll. Hearing about such a horrible loss of life hurts our heart. Raina was unquestionably a strong and compassionate soul who gave her life so that others may live.

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