Man, who fatally shot his stepfather for molesting his little sister, is serving an 1800-year sentence

Christopher Bennett was at his stepfather’s house in 2003 when he pursued a choice that would affect the path of his life forever. Bennett, who was 18 at the time, was in the next room when he heard his little sister weeping. When he broke into it, he discovered his stepfather, Vincent McDorman, on top of his half-sister Cassandra “Cassie” McDorman, who was then six years old. He was sexually abusing her.

Christopher, blinded by wrath, pointed a pistol towards Vincent’s head and fatally shot him. “He didn’t go there with the intention of shooting McDorman; he went there because he heard his baby sister’s screams. And he did what 99.9 percent of us would have done. “”It’s done,” Janet Lee, the man’s Legal Advocate, emphasized.

Christopher was offered two alternatives at the moment. “He faced the death penalty or a plea bargain of 1,800 years in prison. As a result, he accepted a plea bargain of 1,800 years in prison” his half-sister Victoria McDorman recalled. To avoid the death penalty, the young adolescent accepted a plea bargain and was later accused with three life sentences of 600 years each.

However his family, particularly his sister, regard him as a hero who saved them from their monster father, who had been assaulting them since they were three years old. Cassie explained that when she was a child, the monster under her bed was her father.”

Cassie Ailstock, who appeared on Dr. Phil with Victoria and their mother, Elizabeth “Libby” Ailstock, explained, “When my dad wanted you to stay in his room that night, you would go gather fireflies with him beforehand, and that’s how you realized it was your time.”

Christopher has claimed for years that on the night of July 25, 2003, he came to his house to pick up a cheque that Vincent had promised him in return for his testimony against his mom in an upcoming custody case. But when he witnessed his younger sister pleading with her father to stop touching her, he knew he had to intervene. He stole his chequebook before leaving and was so accused of homicide, burglary, and breaking and entering.

Man Recalls The Night He Killed His Stepfather

Man Recalls The Night He Killed His Stepfather

Posted by Dr. Phil on Friday, 3 December 2021

“It rushed to be resolved that we weren’t being mishandled or attacked and that his thinking wasn’t right, yet they never addressed us about it,” said Victoria, who alongside her family and a few different allies has been energizing to free her sibling Christopher who had been in the slammer throughout the previous 19 years. “He gave his life for us to have a chance to experience this because there is no way we would’ve survived,” she continued.

Victoria said that he was wrong, but he’s served more than enough time for it since he was just a child, he was 18 at the time, and he was just trying to defend his family, which we were all trained to do. Meanwhile, Cassie observed, “He’s my idol, and he’s also my best friend. I miss him, and my children are aware of his existence. He saved us, and now it’s our responsibility to do the same for him. We’re going to keep going, and we’ll see Chris free.”

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