2-Year-Old Boy Who Survived A Car Crash That Killed His Dad Is Now An Orphan.

The loss of any loved one is heart breaking. Orphans have to rebuild their lives without parental support which is very hard and tough. In this story the young child is too little to understand the painful loss of both his parents. May this little boy deserve all the happiness.

California Highway Patrol Officer Jason Bettini revealed that Andrew Trujillo, 27, died in a car crash who worked as a paramedic in the small mountain town of Mariposa, CA. Andrew had been driving in the nearby area of California Yosemite National Park when his car due to the snow and ice veered off the road and came to a dangerous stop after banging a tree.

During the time of the accident, Andrew’s girlfriend, three children including Andrew’s son Drew who was just 2 years old were also in the car. Fortunately they all survived the impact. Andrew suffered serious injuries and later in the hospital died. However, Andrew’s girlfriend and the three children were quickly taken to the hospital for minor injuries treatment.

Andrew’s uncle Charles Stone has been shattered about little Drew’s circumstances. He expressed that Baby Drew has been left orphan after losing both parents in just over a year’s time. In his words, “We don’t even know what the future holds for him. We’re all concerned about him because he’s got so much tragedy.”

This terrible tragedy took place 15 months after Drew lost his mother Stacey. She was a stay-at-home mom who spent her time caring for her little child and Andrew. However, during COVID she became pregnant with their second child, a girl.

In her third trimester of pregnancy she was battling postpartum depression and took her own life. Though Andrew and baby Drew slowly started rebuilding their lives. Nobody expected the little boy to have him lose his father so soon. His world has been ripped apart.

A GoFundMe campaign was created by his relatives to make sure that baby Drew had a safe and secure future. The fundraiser also stated “Alone in the world, baby Drew needs help. His father needs to be buried. He needs help to continue on without his parents. His basic needs and hope for the future.”

The boy’s uncle John helps Drew baby manage the terrible loss of both his parents with the rest of his family. He explained “It’s hards enough to explain where mom was. Now it’s hard to explain where daddy’s at.”

This sweet angel has gone through so much. Hope for lots of loving people and family member surround Drew always.

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