Stranger In Doctor’s Waiting Room Can’t Keep Her Opinion To Herself, Fat-Shames A Famous Model, Gets Shut Down.

Body shaming is an unpleasant reality that everyone faces in their lives. Even celebrities or famous people go through body shaming. It’s important to love and take care of your body. Let us all try to be confident, beautiful and comfortable in our own skin and appreciate others for the way they are.

Tess Holliday, a world renowned plus size model has more than 2.4 million fans on Instagram and on TikTok another half a million. Recently Tess was body shamed at the doctor’s office by a somewhat matured woman who was seated a few seats away from her.

However she proudly shut down the body shamer. She described the entire episode on her Instagram account.

Tess thinks that an individual should be able to eat what they want and as much as they want without being judged. She also welcomes the word ‘fat’ and believes that fashion choices should not be decided according to a woman’s size.

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