20-Year-Old Ohio Man Expected to Recover After Being Stung 20,000 Times by Bees, Family Says

A swarm of African killer bees stung an Ohio man almost 20,000 times, sending him into a coma. Austin Bellamy was assisting in the clearing of tree limbs when he chopped into the bees’ nest.

Austin also consumed around 30 bees. Doctors were extracting bees from his body, his mother told local news.

African killer bees, according to the US Department of Agriculture, “are more protective, stinging more with less provocation than other honey bees.”

Several members of Austin’s family saw the incident.

His grandma said she was planning on climbing the ladder to go to Austin, however,  she couldn’t reach him as she was swarmed by bees. He attempted to anchor himself but couldn’t. ‘Help! Help me!’ he yelled. Help!’ And no one would assist him.

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