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Tina Turner ‘Abandoned’ Her Kids & ‘Is Living Her Life’ after Finding Love with Younger Husband, Son Claimed

Actress and Singer Tina Turner is certainly amongst the most efficacious singers of her stint. Tina, an American-born, has a career crossing over 6 decades in the entertaining business. She is legend who has electrified her followers with her delightful voice and exciting performance.

Besides being a successful performer, she is also a spouse and mom to four children, Ike Turner Jr, Michael Turner, Ronnie Turner, and her late son, Craig Turner. She greeted her first child, Craig, in 1958, with Raymond Hill.

The duo was overjoyed about being parents, though Tina was only 18. But their joy could not stop their association from crumbling soon after. She found love once more in 1960, with Late musician, Ike Turner. They greeted their first child together, Ronnie, in 1960.  

Tina and Ike Turner got married two year later and Tina adopted Ike Sr’s two kids, Ike Jr. and Michael, from his earlier marriage while Ike Sr. adopted Tina’s son, Craig.

Sadly, their matrimonial ended in 1978 and Tina becomes a single.

Tina spoke few years later about childrearing her kids, particularly Ronnie. She said that Ike gave her those broods and no money to look after them. She further said that she was left trying to look after of his kids and her own kids from her earlier marriage.

She also spoke about the charges about her being a bad mom to Ronnie, she clarified that he was put through private schools and given pocket money and the whole thing.

Tina also said about Ronnie that she is not going to be a bank for an almost 30-year-old man. She said that she maintained Ronnie well into his 20s, but they all of late got cut off. She said that she is still there for the boys, but she is not going to let them use her.

Tina has made the captions for numerous reasons, one of which comprises her complex association with her broods, particularly Ronnie. Her name came into highlight in April 2018 after Ronnie made a shocking claim in an interview. He said that Tina raised him from the age of two and she is the only mother he has ever identified. He further said that he hasn’t spoken to his mother since around 2000. He then said that he doesn’t think any of his brothers have spoken to her in a long time either.

As per Ronnie, his mother is living her life in Europe with her new husband and she doesn’t want to have whatsoever with the past.

Regardless of Tina’s absenteeism, Ronnie seems to be doing fine. Ike Jr. once admitted they get money from a trust account.

Ike Jr. also said that that Craig was into real estate, while Ronnie was in good health and happily wedded. Unfortunately, Michael was in a recovering home and need of medicinal help.

As per Ike Jr., in spite of Michael’s state, Tina not ever visited but regularly sent him money.

In the meantime, Tina lives happily in Switzerland with her second husband, Erwin Bach. They got married in 2013 and they have already lived together for over two decades before their marriage. In 2013, Tina finally got her Swiss nationality.

Bach offered to give one of his kidneys to Tina in April 2017 while she was recuperating from intestinal cancer. She suffered surgical procedure and it was a success.

Tina confronted one of the most difficult times in 2018, when she lost her firstborn son, Craig, to suicide. It was shocking for her since she was unmindful of what had driven Craig to the edge.

My saddest moment as a mother. On Thursday, July 19, 2018, I said my final goodbye to my son, Craig Raymond Turner, when…

Posted by Tina Turner on Friday, 27 July 2018

Tina made it known during an interview in June 2019, that she supposed aloneness was the main cause for Craig’s self-destruction.

Tina still has three other broods. Ronnie shadowed in his parent’s footsteps, chasing a career in acting. In the meantime, Ike Jr. is flourishing in his career as a musician. Not much is known about Michael as he lives away from the limelight.

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