This 21-Year-Old Is Raising Her 5 Siblings On Her Own After They Lose Their Parents To Cancer.

Selfless 21 year old waitress and college student details how she stepped up to care for her five younger siblings when they became orphans three years ago. After both of her parents died within a few years of each other, Samantha Rodriguez stepped up to support her family and became their guardian.  

Samantha Rodriguez from Florida was merely 17 years old when she and her five younger siblings lost both their parents to cancer. Their mom, Lisa Smith, pass away from cervical cancer. Their father Alexander Rodriguez took care of the family from then on but sadly, he too died of lymphoma three years later.

Although shattered but firm to keep her family together, Samantha took it upon herself to become their adult and fulfilling the dual roles of mom and dad for her younger siblings, who range in age from seven to 16.

Samantha was very well aware that her siblings could be sent to the state’s foster-care system. But she was determined to keep her father’s assurance to her mother, so she decided that she would try and do everything likely to keep the family composed.

She has learned from her mother what it takes to raise a family. When she lost her mother, she knew that she has to become like her mother in every way and look after her siblings. She now works part time, supporting them financially and also taking them to school and keeping them fed and she is almost doing completely by herself.

Samantha also goes to college part-time and has a job as a waitress. She told that there is a reason why she decided to go back to complete her school which she had to left after her father died. With time, she got her high school diploma and even began attending college part time. 

She wanted to set an example for her siblings and tell them to understand the importance of education and become successful.  When she graduated, her siblings were very proud of her and they event went to attend her graduation ceremony.

There was no one to give her direction but she made efforts so that her other siblings get a right course and become prosperous in their lives.

Initially it seems like she would not be able to manage all of it together but she get a lot of power from her mother. She has spent a lot of time with her mother and admired her so much.

Samantha said that her parents showed them not to take anything for granted and this is what she tries to teach her siblings. She cherishes the lessons learned from her parents that at the end of the day, the material things don’t matter. Her parents told her the only thing that really matters is family and their love and support. Everything else can be given and can be taken away too.

Her siblings recognise that Samantha gave up basically her life to take care of them and she is their mother and father both.

Samantha said that taking care of her siblings makes her feel happy and satisfied. She tries to give them the love that they need and the support they need.

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