8 Year Old Girl Collapses Into Her Teacher’s Arms After Complaining Of Headache And Dies Of A Sudden Stroke.

Elmira Bondarenko, 8, from Brailov, central Ukraine passed away due to a stroke after she lost consciousness and falling into her teacher’s arms.

The incident happened a few hours after Elmira’s father dropped her off at school. She started feeling unwell during break time and she complained of a severe headache.  Minutes later, she began to lose consciousness and her teacher was able to catch her in the arms. The school teachers instantly called for an ambulance while the school nurse executed CPR on Elmira.

Teacher called up Elmira’s father and said that she had got sick. The moment he came to know he hurried to the school to saw his daughter lying quiet on a table with paramedics trying to save her.

Doctors at the hospital tried to resume her heart beat desperately for 2 hours. They used a defibrillator and gave her an adrenaline injection but none of it actually worked.

Her father was broken-hearted. While remembering the last moments he spent with her daughter, he said that Elmira was well and cheerful on her way to school that morning.

Elmira’s family is stunned. They said that she had at no time complained of headaches. Even the family doctor established that Elmira undertook a medical check-up once a year and never reported any health concerns.

However, post-mortem reports display that she died of a stroke triggered by a blood clot in the brain.

The local health authority said that the girl suffered from cerebral venous thrombosis but doctors did not recognize the disease well in time. They clarified that in this case the ischemic stroke could be triggered by a virus infection, stress, or physical workouts.

Elmira’s severe headache was a warning sign of a stroke. According to doctors, other symptoms include vision loss, loss of balance, difficulty speaking, faintness, nausea, and tiredness. Doctors further said that all of these symptoms can be mistaken for more common diseases, so the best idea would be to take your child to the hospital instantly and get them tested out by a doctor.

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