Parents Tell Their Daughter They’re Removing Her From The Will Because She Has No Kids, So She Ruins Their Holidays.

Children are God’s gift. However for some they do not want kids for the best reason known to them. It isn’t right to impose our views on any individual for having babies. In this story an entire family had a huge fight just before Christmas since the woman was the only one of the three siblings without children and her parents wrote her out of their will. Read the story and let us know if you agree with how the woman handled the situation.

Source: Reddit

I’m the only child, of 4, who is not having kids. I’m happily married, and we own a pretty nice house. Because of its size and somewhat “rustic” appeal, we’ve hosted the last 6 holiday years. We’re the only people who have a house big enough, kitchen large enough, etc. It’s always been a lot of work and we’re always left with a trashed house after. We have 4 “spare” rooms so some people stay with us. We always pay for most of the food, do most of the cooking, etc.

After Thanksgiving dinner, my family and I were sitting around chatting. My dad got agitated because we wouldn’t give him the answer he wanted about kids, and said “Well if you’re not going to contribute to this family, why should you be included in our wills?”

I was shocked. It’s not like there’s some huge payday coming. I’d be surprised if I was originally going to get anything but someone’s old heirlooms. It’s less about me feeling entitled to anything. But what he said really got under my skin. A few of my siblings nodded along and were like “Yeah, why should you get when you don’t give?”

My dad got a very stern, angry look on his face when I said “What?” and said “Don’t like it? Too bad. Deal with it.”

I said “So does everyone really feel that way?” and people nodded and murmured and didn’t look at me.

So I got up and started collecting everyone’s crap from around my home, where I’d spent the past few days preparing meals, cleaning, entertaining obnoxious kids, and threw it all in a pile on the floor. My husband joined in.

I said “Since we apparently don’t contribute to this family, no one should be upset that our home is now closed. You may all leave now. Please be gone by 4PM.” It was 3:30. There was yelling and my dad getting angry and calling me a selfish brat. My husband and I just went to our bedroom and locked the door. Several people pounded on it telling me they couldn’t just leave, it’s a 5 hour drive with wired kids. I said “Don’t like it? Too bad. Deal with it.”

Everyone left. My house was a mess. I was upset. My phone got blown up with messages.

Days later the family group chat started up with plans for Christmas. Everyone decided to just “forget” what happened at Thanksgiving and people were planning on when they’d arrived — at our house — for Christmas Eve. I chimed in with “Just a reminder, we are not hosting. Please make other arrangements. No one will be staying with us.”

Turns out they didn’t have anyone else who would host, so there was no Christmas. A lot of sh***y messages on FB and other platforms later, I’ve been called every name under the sun. But I don’t think I’m at all wrong. If they don’t think I contribute, then I won’t contribute.

Would you be mad in her position?

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