Woman Gets Cheated On 3 Weeks Before Her Wedding, Asks If She’s A Jerk For Not Letting Her Sister Get Married Instead.

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I was meant to get married on the 1st of February, which was mine and my ex-fiance’s anniversary. We ended the engagement shortly after the new year because he cheated on me. The wedding was initially planned with just my money but was very low key, and my parents asked if they could put up some additional money to make the whole thing a bit bigger. By the end about 60% of the wedding was paid for by me and 40% my parent’s contribution. My ex and I had agreed that I would pay for the wedding while he covered the honeymoon.

My ex left me to deal with cancelling the wedding as his money wasn’t involved, and I turned to my mother and sister for help because I didn’t have the mental or emotional capacity to call vendors and venues and whatever else and cancel everything.

My sister is engaged, and helped me with a lot of wedding planning. Next thing I know, my mother and sister are asking me if I wouldn’t mind my sister just…. taking my wedding. Every part of it, from the venue to the cake, and everything in between. The sole difference will be the wedding dress, and even then she’s said if she can’t buy off the rack she might have to get mine tailored to fit her instead.

I called off my engagement less than 3 weeks ago. I am a damn mess. I reached out to my family to help me cancel the wedding, and my sister is planning to take it over instead.

My sister has rung round our family explaining that she’s taking over before she told me this. They are all attending. Her fiance has contacted his family and given them the date he will be getting married. I found all this out TODAY. She asked me if I was okay with this, like she hadn’t already arranged everything. I told her to get lost.

I have until the 23rd to cancel things and get the money back. There’s a couple of things where I won’t get money back at this stage but over 2/3 of it is still refundable. The money will be refunded to the card it was paid by, so both me and my parents will get the correct amounts back. Everything is shut right now but it’s the 21st tomorrow. As I’ve not been in contact with these companies and it’s my name on all the contracts, I have full power over this wedding. My sister said she’d pay me back eventually but knowing her I’ll never see that money again.

Would I be a jerk if I called up everybody and get it cancelled?

What advice would you give her?

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