21-Year-Old Marine Adopts Young Brothers Out Of Foster Care So That They Can Grow Up Together.

Most of us are aware that some people are obliged to assume responsibility for their actions at a far younger age than others.

If we’re lucky, we get to enjoy our childhood and adolescent years free of external pressure. I surely did, and I’ll be eternally grateful.

Melissa Irons, on the other hand, was only 21 years old when she took on the role of guardian for her two younger siblings. Melissa joined the Marines after spending the most of her childhood in and out of foster homes owing to her mother’s drug issues.

Meanwhile, her two brothers, Christian and JJ, remained in foster care. Regrettably, due to their differing ages, the three were always placed in separate households.

When their mother tested positive for methamphetamines in 2014, everything changed. Melissa realised that this meant her brothers would have to stay in their different care facilities for even longer, and she wasn’t happy about it.

Melissa flew to Alabama despite her responsibilities and duties to the Marine Corps in order to get legal custody of both Christian and JJ.

Melissa was well aware that her age and financial condition may work against her, but she had no choice but to try. So, knowing that her brothers wanted to live with her, she took her case to court.

Melissa was awarded custody following a three-day road trip, as fate would have it! Prank It FWD followed her on her route, following her to the school where her brothers attended when she was supposed to give the news to whom she hadn’t seen in 6 years!

Christian and JJ were overjoyed to be able to accompany their older sister to their new house in California on the same day.

Not only that, but Prank it FWD has arranged for the family to receive a brand new Toyota Rav, along with a maintenance plan, tax, title, and registration, completely free of charge!

Melissa is such an inspiration. She is not only a proud Marine, but she also has to be a contender for the title of best sister in the world!

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