22-month-old twin boy loses life in freak accident, just a week before his baptism – rest in peace

On Saturday, the twins were scheduled to be baptized. The family was driving to gather supplies for their baptism when disaster occurred and forever altered their life…

The Resendiz family went out for the day in their car, looking for items for their 22-month-old twins’ baptism. The twins’ grandma was driving, and Jennifer, their mom, was a passenger.

Melanie and Nicolas, twin twins, were buckled into their backseat infant seats.

A 22-month-old twin boy died in a car accident. When a cement truck collapsed from the Beltway overpass, the family was standing on Woodforest. It fell directly on their automobile, crushing it. The Resendiz considers it a miracle that three out of four of them survived the awful catastrophe.

Unfortunately, one member of the family was killed. Little Nicolas died to his injuries and was pronounced dead at the spot by emergency personnel.

The family is crushed by the enormous loss they are experiencing. Jennifer is overly emotional, but her family is providing her all the assistance she requires to get through this.

Jennifer says she will inform Melanie, who is left without her brother, that her brother is still with them in certain ways. That he loves her and that he will forever be with them, she stated what she intends to say.

The catastrophe occurred last week, however the family has yet to come to grips with what occurred. Well, it’s been three or four days since then. It still appears like he is going to wake up from this nightmare, Uncle Daniel Resendiz says.

She suppose they’re all just upset that he got taken away so early and that his sister won’t be able to meet him or have a play companion, Aunt Esmerelda Resendiz says.

The truck’s driver, a 36-year-old woman, lost control of the vehicle. She was only slightly injured and declined medical assistance. It is unclear if the family will take legal action. However, early police inquiry revealed no indication of chemicals being taken playing a role in the disaster.

Individuals hurried to the area after the incident to assist the family in any way they could. Raymond Romo, a Century 21 employee who works nearby, witnessed the whole episode.

Romo said he saw the truck spin out of control before hitting the overpass wall; once it hit the barrier, it hung off the side for a time before collapsing into the vehicle below.

When he observed this, he hurried to the site to aid and rescue the persons trapped in the car in getting out. Fortunately, he was able to pull one of them out, he explains. But he couldn’t get the other out.

Romo, a parent himself, was moved to tears after witnessing the little child lose the struggle for his life.

The family has established a GoFundMe campaign to assist with the funeral and other expenditures.

Our hearts go out to the family for the loss of their precious newborn child. Rest in peace angel Nicolas.

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