Daughter Alters Relationship With Her Mother After 25Yrs Of Blaming Her.

Source: Reddit

I just wanna share about my mom. For almost 20+ years, I was a daddy’s girl and my mom was this crazy, abusive person to me who frequently yelled and threw things around. When my dad left her and had another family, I was still on his side and firmly believed everything was my mom’s fault for being such a crazy wife that no wonder dad could not tolerate her.

Years later, I moved out and my mom and I have been slowly rebuilding our relationship. She doesn’t have a quick temper anymore or raises her voice. She listens to me often and is always there for me and my siblings. It’s like a dark cloud left her and she finally had the time and energy to love us.

A few more years and everything finally clicked. My mom was never crazy. She was a working woman practically raising 3 kids by herself. She did most of the chores, grocery shopping, attending school events, planning parties, checking our grades, and supporting my dad’s business. She was also the one who disciplined us kids because dad was the “fun parent”. I now realized all he did was give us money but all the physical and emotional labor of the household was carried by my mom. She was never crazy. My dad made her crazy. She was dealing with all this plus my dad’s affairs which we kids did not know about until years later. She was alone and felt like even her kids were not on her side. I still regret it to this day that I didn’t open my eyes sooner.

Now, I’m not even biased when I say she is so damn beautiful. I’m in my mid- 20s and she looks younger than me at first glance. She has gotten into fashion and dresses up so stylishly. She frequently goes out to brunches with her girlfriends and does community work. She is so loved that random people in her life send her food and gifts often. She is blooming. She’s been blooming since she left my dad’s shadow. She was never crazy. She was a strong woman who was crumbling but I’m glad she found her wings again. I’m sorry that I didn’t realize this sooner.

I plan to make it up to my mom and take her on mother- daughter trips. I regret acting resentful to her in my youth. I hope I do a good job of showing how much I appreciate her. What else can I do to make her happy? 

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