23-year-old mother of 11 wants to have 105 kids with her husband, 56: “We certainly don’t plan to stop”

A teenage lady is certain that she desires nothing more than to be the mom of enough kids to fill a small nation in a couple of generations when she enters adulthood.

23-year-old Christina Ozturk is a mom of 11 kids who is content with her life. The only thing that could make things better right now is to add a couple more siblings to her small brood. To be more specific, a few dozen extra siblings. Christina wishes to have as many children as possible with her affluent husband, Galip Ozturk.

Christina has given birth naturally to one kid so far, while the rest of her kids were delivered through the couple’s meticulously planned surrogacy programme. Christina, who lives in the seaside town of Batumi in the former Soviet republic of Georgia, counsels potential candidates before they complete the legal paperwork to bring her future kids to term. Once everything is in order, the surrogates will be able to carry the kids that are genetically Christina and Galip’s.

Christina expressed that at the present, she has ten kids, including Olivia, who came at the end of last month. Six years ago, she gave birth to her eldest daughter Vika. The other kids are genetically hers and her husband’s, although they were born by surrogates.

Christina and Galip previously stated on social media that they were looking forward to raising a whopping 105 kids together. They later revealed that the number 105 was a joke, but they have no plans to stop having children anytime soon. The young mother explained that she is not sure how many there will be in the end, but they certainly don’t plan to stop at ten. They’re just not prepared to discuss the final figure. Everything has a season.

Christina’s life has thus far consisted of diapers and milk bottles, whereas most women her age would be out partying or discovering new work prospects and prospective romances. And she’s not put off by the additional responsibilities that come with being a new mother. While the rich pair is capable of paying more than a few nannies, Christina maintains that she spends a significant amount of time with the babies personally. The mother explained that spend as much time as possible with the children, but when she is not with them, she manages everything. When applying for a position as a nanny, she trains each nanny separately. No unprofessional activity is permitted, and child rearing is rigorously enforced according to her guidelines. 

Christina, determined to be engaged in each of her kid’s lives, has given the nannies instructions on what to read to them, in what sequence, at what time, and for how long. The nannies are also asked to photograph each baby’s soiled diaper so Christina may determine if her children’s excrement is “of excellent colour and consistency.”

The mother expressed that every child has a notebook that chronicles every aspect of his life – what they ate, how much they ate, how they slept, how they walked, how many went to the bathroom, how many were weeping, what changes occurred with the body.

Christina was a single mom from Moscow, Russia, when she chose to visit the coastal city of Batumi. And on her first day, she met Galip and fell in love with the billionaire hotel owner.

Christina described him as a mentor, advisor, and fantasy prince all wrapped into one.

It was love at first sight for Galip as well, and he stated, she is so easy to be around; she constantly has a grin on her lips, yet she is also timid and secretive. She was the type of wife he had always desired for himself, an uncut diamond with a pure and compassionate heart.

Things acted fast, and Christina soon found herself travelling to the seaside paradise with her daughter, eager to start a family with Galip. The 56-year-old husband already had grown kids of his own, but he was eager to make Christina’s goal of having a large family a reality.

While Christina has not ruled out the idea of having her own kids, the pair is content for the time being to build their family through surrogacy.

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