Snob Woman At The Hospital Drops Her Valet Ticket At A Patient Asking Him To Get The Car.

Source: Reddit

Week back I had to call an ambulance in the middle of the night due to breathing problems. After being checked in the ER, I was admitted to the hospital for several days to get breathing treatments every four hours.

When they discharged me, the transport guy wheeled me to the main entrance in a wheelchair as they do. He got a call that he was needed again while we were waiting for my ride. I told him to go, I can sit on the bench outside the door and wait for my ride. He took off with the wheelchair. Nearby was the stand for the car valets (yes, my hospital has car valets!)

As I was sitting there, this woman, yakking on her phone, walked up and dropped a car valet ticket in my lap. I said “W%F? Lady, I am not a not a car valet, I am a patient!” She walked off still yakking on her phone. I yelled it once again and she just waved over her shoulder as she walked back inside to stand in the air conditioning.

I sat there in my pajama pants, t-shirt, and house slippers, a small bag with my wallet, phone, and keys on my lap, and an oxygen bottle beside me.

When my sister in law arrived to pick me up, I walked to the car, passing a trash can on the way. The valet ticket went in the trash can.

I wonder how long it took her to get her car without the ticket.

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