24-year-old NFL rookie uses $2.6 million signing bonus to buy his mother a house

Many of us fantasize about repaying our parents for all of their love and assistance as we grew up. That return can take many various forms, and it is always cherished, no matter how large or little the gift.

One of the NFL’s newest players wanted to present his mom with the best “thank you” he could think of: a new house, after signing with the Washington Commanders.

“Momma, you don’t have to worry about rent anymore,” Phidarian ‘Phil’ Mathis posted on Instagram.

The former Alabama defensive tackle inked a four-year, $7.506 million deal with the Commanders after being drafted in the second round in April. His four-year deal included a $2.639 million signing bonus.

What would you do if you were 24 years old and given $2 million?

Mathis utilized a portion of his signing money to buy a house for his mom.

On Instagram, he posted photos and a clip of his mom viewing her home for the first time.

Both the mom and the son deserve congratulations!

Mathis could have spent his signing bonus money on anything, however he chose to spend some of it on his mom. What a lovely young dude.

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