Susan Sarandon Is Happy Mother of 3 Kids Who She Welcomed after 39 despite Being Called ‘Crazy’

Susan Sarandon is not only famous for her versatile acting but is also recognized for regularly speaking out for womenfolk struggling with endometriosis, an illness she herself suffered from and which complex her chances of becoming pregnant.

Sarandon did not embrace motherhood until reaching 39 due to her illness but then progressed to have two more kids. She has long stood out for her choice to keep attempting to have kids in spite of her age.

She was born as Susan Abigail Tomalin in 1946 and adopted her first partner’s name Chris Sarandon as her stage name. Sarandon’s movie occupation started with her featuring in the 1970 melodramatic film, Joe. In 1975, she got recognition after appearing in the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Though her professional life was flourishing, her personal life was more complex. She got to know that becoming a mom wouldn’t be as easy as anticipated. It happened when she was in a relationship with Italian director Franco Amurri.  

One reason in actual was her endometriosis. The illness, amongst other reasons, barred her from starting a family in an earlier age.

The illness not only did cause discomfort in several parts of the body, the shocking finding made it clear that she could find it more tough to conceive and it augmented her likelihoods for grave pregnancy difficulties.

In spite of all these difficulties, she turns out to be pregnant at the age of 39. Many of her well wishers advised not have a baby at this mature age as this will ruin her carrier.

But the actress overlooked that advice and shortly giving birth to Eva Amurri, her first daughter. In 1988, Sarandon’s nuptial to Amurri was over but soon she developed a relationship with the actor Tim Robbins. Tim was 12 years younger than Sarandon. With Robbins, she would have her two next little bundles of joy. John Henry, born in 1989 and Miles Robbins, born in 1992.

Sarandon has made clear through many interviews that she had to conquer a countless of physical issues during each of pregnancy journey and carrying her kids to term. She also spoken that she declined to let her illness to make her drop trust that she could be a mom.

She has been a representative for all females facing the same adversity, working firm to eradicate shames or worries surrounding the illness. She said that females should not be scared to seek a diagnosis and treatment as early as possible in order to live a life with less limitations.

Sarandon’s firstborn, Eva is now also a mother with 3 children of her own. Sarandon is evidently not only an affectionate mom but also an involved and happy grandma as well.

It goes without saying that in spite of the complications Sarandon confronted, she courageously followed her heart and gather the strength to push through her physical complications.

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