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25-yr-old woman spends 5 hrs a day in her kitchen – says it’s her job to make husband’s life easier.

25-year-old Estee Williams is married to Connor, a 23-year-old man. Estee has drawn criticism online for her job as a “tradwife.” She likes to be a typical wife (or housewife), taking care of all household duties in her home. She is content with her gender position as a wife.

Estee met her now-husband in 2020 while studying meteorology. The Virginia pair fell instantly in love and discovered they had a lot in common. Her spouse works as an electrician full-time. Estee further said that she did not want him to come home and perform any chores. She rarely expects him to help out.

She not only cooks and cleans for him. Yet she lets him plan her day, and she never goes to the gym without him. Apart from groceries, she does not make any purchases without his permission. She also makes an effort to get her hair and cosmetics done before he arrives home.

The couple does not yet have kids, but they anticipate things to continue the same since Estee will stay at home and handle the house and kids. They also want to homeschool their kids so that they may control what they “consume intellectually.”

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Estee grew up in a troubled environment, seeing her mom’s hardship after her divorce. The 25-year-old believes that women cannot have it all. Yet, although others on social media accuse her of being “lazy” for not contributing monetarily, she appreciates not having to worry about employment or expenses.

Estee has the freedom to select what she wants to accomplish with her life as an adult woman. What are your thoughts on her choices? Tell us in the comments.

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