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Dad Gets Matching Birthmark Tattoo to Show His Son That Being ‘Different’ Can Be Cool.

Each parent does not want their child to feel “different.” Being unique is never a negative thing, but for kids who find it hard to fit in, feeling anything less than “normal” may be brutally lonely. Derek Prue Jr. has seen this personally. The 8-year-old from Alberta, Canada, was born with a big birthmark covering part of his chest, which has always made him self-conscious. But he just received a surprise boost of confidence when his father suddenly got a matching tattoo in the form of his birthmark in order for the youngster to feel less alone.

In reality, when he subsequently told the tale, he claimed his father had the tattoo done surreptitiously and revealed it to him one day when he was playing with his sisters in a hotel swimming pool.

Derek Sr., standing by the pool’s side, shouted to his little son in the water, and when the child turned to face him, he was astonished.

There stood his father, wearing a duplicate of the identical beauty mark he’d had since birth.

It would be an understatement to say the youngster was stunned.

He informed the newspaper that he fell back into the water while smiling broadly.

Derek said that he was thrilled and a bit perplexed. He had no idea he was going to do that. But he was very appreciative.

He was well aware that his kid was self-conscious about his birthmark, especially as he grew older.

When Derek Jr. insisted on swimming with a T-shirt on, his father began discreetly contemplating methods to help his kid feel more secure without his top on.

Derek Sr. understood it would immediately improve his son’s confidence, but pulling it off would be difficult.

For starters, he needed to locate a tattoo artist who could properly recreate the symbol. Derek Sr. finally found tattoo artist Tony Gibbert, owner of the Juicy Quill tattoo business in Stony Plain, Alberta. Fortunately, Gibbert immediately agreed.

But Gibbert first had to recreate the pattern. So the Prues attempted to persuade their kid to pose for a few shots on the side. Derek later told me that he was skeptical of his mother’s sudden urge to photograph his birthmark, yet he complied and soon forgot about it.

As it turned out, the images were quite beneficial to Gibbert.

Derek Sr. was clearly in for some discomfort. The dedicated father had to wait for a total of 30 hours while Gibbert worked his magic to create the duplicate.

He’s gone through the ringer sitting for that, according to Gibbert. It’s rather painful.

But the kind father did not go through the full 30-hour treatment in one sitting. Rather, the whole project was divided into 3–4 hour periods. Meanwhile, he had to keep his chest covered to keep the secret hidden.

This is derrick Jr and derrick sr . He is the dad that got his sons birthmark tattooed, its Very cool that he could do this to help his sons confidence and that we could be a part of their story .

Posted by Juicy Quill Tattoo on Thursday, 10 December 2020

He also told the publication that he felt privileged to be a part of such a touching narrative.

He remarked that he believed it was incredible to be able to soothe your kid in that way. It’s more than simply one’s child seeing your name or whatever; one gets to genuinely impact the way he thinks about himself.

Just going swimming with his dad, taking off his shirt, and being happy and comfortable. He is excited to be a part of it. In a tiny way, he gets to contribute to what he’s trying to do.

That was all worthwhile in the end.

Shanel Prue, the boy’s mother, said that her youngster has grown in confidence since his father initially displayed the tattoo last month. In fact, when she asked him whether he was now comfortable taking his shirt off before diving into the pool, he looked willing to try for the first time in a long time.

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