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Professor offers to hold baby so foster mom can focus in class.

When a PhD student without childcare brought her foster kid to school, her professor welcomed her with open arms.

Traniece Brown-Warrens, 36, is a first-year administrator at Portland’s Markham Elementary School. She goes to Waco, Texas, once a month to attend weekend courses at Baylor University with the hopes of one day becoming a caretaker.

Brown-Warrens says you find out how to make it work when you have a desire. She is devoting her time knowing that this is just for a moment and that it will affect the lives of her child, her family, and her pupils, particularly small black girls who will realize they can do anything and that she is their representation.

The superintendent may have braids, tattoos, and (Air) Jordans, she says.

Brown-Warrens became a foster mother to a 7-month-old kid she has dubbed “Baby Bear” on February 14. Brown-Warrens did not have childcare for her March 18 and 19 sessions since the baby is at daycare throughout the week.

She texted her teachers, offering to either attend class electronically or bring her kid to Texas for the weekend.

They said, “Feel free to bring him,” Brown-Warrens recalls.

Baby Bear got a front-row ticket to higher education after only one trip. He was, of course, on his best behavior.

“He was really curious and didn’t cry,” Brown-Warrens adds. He wanted to be in her arms as she took notes and participated in conversation. Like other parents, she multitasks.

At a class called “School Business Management and Finance,” instructor Bobby Ott volunteered to hold Baby Bear so Brown-Warrens could fully participate, and her hands were free to photograph the babysitter with his charge.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Brown-Warrens shared the picture on Twitter. The concentrated expression on the baby bear’s face indicates that he appreciated Dr. Ott’s instructions on taxes and account codes. She thanked him for holding the baby as she took notes and worked with her colleague.

Ott held Baby Bear for the next 30 minutes as his foster mother studied. Ott wasn’t the only one who wanted cuddles.

The professor felt left out since his students were taking turns holding the infant.Don’t forget about him. “May he hold him?” he asks, adding that the circumstance amused the class.

Ott held Baby Bear for the next 30 minutes as his foster mother studied.

Ott volunteered without hesitation. He says that for the majority of his upbringing, his mother was unmarried. Traniece is a lively and real person, and when you see that degree of dedication, you would like to help enable it. He continues by saying that the infant was the youngest doctorate student in his class.

Brown-Warrens claims that she, like other mothers, is attempting to strike a balance between employment and children.

She had a platform to demonstrate that leadership and parenthood might look different. Foster parents may follow their aspirations as well. Her mother gave birth to her when she was 17 and had dropped out of school. As a result of her sacrifice, she has a solid foundation to aid children.

She claims that Baby Bear will see this incident as well. When he looks back, he’ll think to himself, ‘I can accomplish anything.’

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