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3-year-old girl “viciously” attacked in restaurant by dog wearing service vest

A 3-year-old girl’s family is facing the possibility that her kid could be damaged for life after being mauled in a restaurant by a pit bull dog sporting a service vest.

After the horrible occurrence in an Old Town Spring, Texas restaurant, father James Waldroup said he had to chase the woman and her dog.

Family friend Kimberly Parker went into the restaurant with the 3-year-old daughter Ronin while the parents lingered at the door to fold the stroller. Kimberly claimed the child came face to face with the dog as she accompanied the baby to the restaurant line.

It grabbed her face and shook her, she explained. The lady yanked on the leash, the dog let go, and she fell like a rag doll.”

Ronin’s mother, Cleveratta Gordon-Waldroup, brought her to the restroom to evaluate her injuries, while her father, James, pursued the woman who had fled the restaurant with the dog.

When James finally caught up with the woman, he informed her she needed to remain because of what had transpired.

She shouts at him, ‘It’s your daughter’s fault,’ stated the dad.

Individuals were filming their interactions all around them. A guy can be seen driving away the dog owner. Waldroup was able to photograph the woman as well as her licence plate.

According to a GoFundMe page put up to assist the family, Ronin was brought to the hospital and suffered 15 stitches on her face. Doctors have warned her parents that she is unlikely to suffer severe scarring, but they have advised them to consult with a plastic surgeon.

Her mother explained, it’s enough that she’ll experience mental trauma. She doesn’t want her to see herself in the mirror and be reminded of what occurred.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office stated that they know who owns the dog and have planned a meeting with her.

The family claims they want the dog’s owner held responsible.

Mom Cleveratta expressed that it goes beyond words for them not to show any sympathy or regret to even stop and ask if her child was OK.

Every dog owner must accept responsibility for their canine’s activities. If this dog has the potential to injure somebody, it should not be in a confined public setting.

Let’s hope that justice prevails and that Ronin heals from her tragedy. Please spread the word.

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