Proud grandpa Michael Douglas shares the touching moment he met his newborn grandson for the first time

After approximately a month, the newest and tiniest member of the Douglas family has eventually met his proud grandfather, Michael Douglas. In December, the legendary actor announced the birth of his son, Cameron Douglas, and his newborn son, Ryder. After a month of anticipation, Michael Douglas was finally able to meet Ryder and hold the bundle of joy.

Douglas greeted Cameron and his son’s longterm companion, Viviane Thibes, on Ryder’s arrival in December 2020, confirming on Instagram that he had become a proud grandfather. After a little delay, Douglas was eventually able to take Ryder in his arms and welcome him to his social media followers.

Although Douglas devoted his teenage years forging his profession as a Hollywood heavyweight, much like his father, Kirk Douglas, the actor has acknowledged that as he got older, he has become a proper family guy. Earlier, he raved over his first granddaughter, Cameron’s firstborn, three-year-old Lua.

Douglas expressed, “I love Lua— she’s gorgeous. I suppose you cherish being a grandparent more when everyone is gone and you have empty-nest syndrome, but I still have my daughter!”

In addition to enjoying his time as a grandpa, the now 76-year-old actor appears to be a loving husband to his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and a devoted dad to his 3 kids. He had Cameron, 42, during his former marriage to Diandra Luker, and Dylan, 20, and Carys, 17, after his relationship with Zeta-Jones began.

The Basic Instinct star previously stated that his profession was the most important thing in his life during his first marriage. He’s quite aware that he committed errors. There were a few absences… Now that his goals have shifted, he usually advises individuals to postpone having children in order to focus on their careers as much as possible.

The Oscar winner was in his 50s when he started raising a family with Zeta-Jones, who was 25 years his junior, and he never imagined being a parent again at that age. However, he got entirely dedicated to the character.

When his children were younger, the actor expressed his desire to be active in their lives. He enjoys waking them up in the morning and getting them ready for school. He prepares them breakfast and they discuss their day. He is curious who their pals are and can see the strength of their link and the security they have. It’s great, undeniable love without reservation, and it’s the greatest feeling in the world.

In the same interview from 2010, the devoted father also stated that he is not as motivated as he once was; these days, he was preoccupied with being a parent and fulfilling his obligations as a spouse. He never imagined having a family at his age. He is delighted to let Catherine work while he stays at home with the kids. He treasures this moment.

In an interview, the family man also stated, his wife and family now take precedence over his job. He even asked if one could understand what it means to be completely happy? It’s waking up his kids in the morning—these tiny bits of innocence—and seeing how pleased they are to see him. It is undeniable affection.

Now that he’s a grandfather again, it’s difficult to see him being anything other than a loving father to Lua and Ryder.

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