Highland Park shooter’s mom left him in hot car for 27 MINUTES at age two

Highland Park gunman Bobby Crimo III was left in a hot car for 27 minutes as a baby by his mom, who was ultimately jailed.

Crimo’s mother, Denise Pesina, and father, Bob Crimo Jr., had repeated run-ins with authorities previous to Monday’s shooting in Chicago, which killed seven people.

It’s unknown whether the heated vehicle event caused Crimo, now 21, any physical or mental wounds that may have contributed to the deadly gunfight.

In addition, cops were summoned to his family’s house ten times due to complaints of domestic violence. Denise Pesina is accused of assaulting her husband with a screwdriver and a sneaker after he criticised her appearance.

Between 2010 and 2014, officers were summoned to the Crimo family home in Highwood nine times, often to resolve violent arguments between the boy’s mom and dad, Robert Crimo Jr. and Denise Pesina.

Crimo Jr. told police answering to a domestic abuse complaint in August 2010 that Pesina had struck him in the head with her shoe after a drunken dispute.

Crimo Jr., who campaigned unsuccessfully for Mayor of Highland Park in 2019, allegedly told investigators that his relationship with Pesina was “failing” and that she was inebriated.

However, Pesina informed police that Crimo Jr. had ‘disrespected and belittled’ her by insulting her looks. She said that their remarks encouraged her to drink.

Another episode occurred in October 2010, when police were summoned to the residence due to a claimed altercation between Pesina and Crimo Jr.

Pesina assaulted Crimo Jr. with a screwdriver during the meeting, according to the aspiring politician. He went on to say that his wife had been ‘trash talking’ him and had thrown all of his possessions off his dresser before battering him with the tool’s backside.

Crimo Jr., Pesina claimed, had been making harsh things to her like always, calling her names.

Another two calls had the parents calling the cops on one another for driving while inebriated.

The calls both developed into domestic conflicts involving police.

Crimo Jr. contacted officers in June 2011 to complain that Pesina was driving drunk to pick up her daughter, Crimo’s sister.

Cops stated Pesina questioned Crimo Jr. about this, at which time Pesina obstructed the father’s exit, prompting him to contact police.

According to court records, Pesina pleaded guilty to DUI in Lake County in 2012.

According to court documents, Pesina was charged with child endangerment in 2002 after leaving Crimo III alone in a car with the windows rolled up for 27 minutes in the parking lot of a toy store.

It was around 80 degrees outside at the time of the occurrence.

Police performed a wellness check in September 2019, a few months before Crimo III filed for a weapons permit, following an allegation that Crimo III had made a threat in the family indicating he was planning to murder all.

According to the police statement, a person whose identity has been withheld stated they were ‘scared to go back’ due to the obvious threat and Crimo’s knife collection.

The knives were taken from Crimo’s possession, and police submitted a ‘Clear and Present Danger’ complaint with the Illinois State Police.

It comes after Crimo apparently informed officers three years ago during a health check that he was a sad drug user.

According to a Highland Park Police report dated September 5, 2019, Crimo, then 18, confessed after threatening to ‘murder all’ in his family. He admitted to investigators that he was despondent when he made the threats three days before.

According to the investigation, a household member ‘was terrified to return home owing to the severity of this threat,’ and Crimo ‘had a collection of knives in his bedroom.’

It’s unclear who phoned the cops about the attack, since a redacted 28-year-old female is identified as the complaint on the report, but Crimo’s parents, Denise Pasina and Robert Crimo Jr., aren’t.

According to cops, Crimo and his mom were both ‘not cooperative as to the language that he used on Monday.’

As per the story, police collected 16 knives, a 12-inch dagger, and a 24-inch samurai sword during the health check but gave them to Crimo’s father, who claimed ownership, which is one of the reasons the young shooter passed the Red Flag rule, according to police officials.

Despite the fact that, according to the documents, Crimo was regarded a ‘clear and present danger,’ who would ‘pose an actual, imminent threat of substantial bodily harm to themselves or another person[s] that is articulable and significant, or who will likely act in a manner dangerous to public interest if given access to a firearm or firearm ammunition.’

Despite the event, Crimo’s father assisted him in obtaining a firearm owner identification card (FOID) just a few weeks later, and Crimo cleared four Illinois background checks to acquire the pistol he used to murder seven people three years later.

Crimo Jr. told that all he did was sign a simple consent form, permitting his son to go through the Illinois State Police procedure of obtaining the FOID card necessary for ownership.

‘They do background checks.’ ‘I’m not sure what it involves,’ said Crimo, a former Highland Park mayoral candidate. ‘And you’re either authorised or rejected, and he was approved.’

According to Crimo’s attorney, Steve Greenberg, the process was “no different from enrolling your kid for driver’s ed.”

The news came when a photo of Crimo’s second pistol was leaked on the day of the attack. He apparently pondered using it in another parade assault but changed his mind at the last minute.

According to authorities, Crimo also carried roughly 60 rounds of ammo on him.

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