Female therapist is ‘tortured and repeatedly raped for 15 hours’ after being taken hostage by a client

Cops shot a Florida man in the head as they attempted to save a female therapist he reportedly raped and tormented after a frightening 15-hour ordeal.

Tzvi Allswang, 20, sustained the shooting and was brought to the hospital in serious state. The accused was taken to the Palm Beach County Jail on Wednesday, where he remains.

On Saturday, officers from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office forced their way into Allswang’s Boca Raton house and detained the victim at knifepoint. He was shot because he refused to drop the knife.

After being tormented, beaten, and raped for 15 hours, the female therapist was taken to Wellington Memorial Hospital and treated for wounds to her face, body, and head.

The affidavit describes some of the abuse the girl underwent, including the accused biting her breast and raping her ‘multiple times,’ as well as with a vibrating massager, which the victim claimed ‘really pained her.’ 

According to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, Allswang was arrested on charges of armed false imprisonment and aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon.

The female therapist informed the police during an emotional interview that she went to Allswang’s house on July 1 for a planned therapy visit.

The therapist informed police that Allswang had a youth sexual battery offence. She indicated that a portion of their therapy was devoted to assisting him in finding work and preparing for an interview.

She stated that she had been to Allswang’s house several times previously, but that there was always someone there. He was alone this time. The woman said that after their session, Allswang started asking her invasive questions.

When she tried to leave, she noticed that the front door’s window was covered up. The window blinds had also been concealed.

He grew hostile, she claimed, and told her she couldn’t leave his house.

He then took her phone, turned it off, and covered it in aluminium foil and duct tape. As per the complaint, he then secured her hands behind her back using duct tape.

Allswang violently beat the victim all over her body with his hands and knees for the following 15 hours.

Allswanger tried to choke the victim at least four or five times, according to the victim. He threw his arm around her throat and put her in a choking hold or grasped her throat, thinking she was about to die and pleading for her life to let her go, according to the news site.

She claimed Allswang’s inconsistent conduct ranged from calm to aggressive and sexually aroused.

Allswanger pulled the victim through his parents’ two-story home, standing 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing 200 pounds.

After the victim’s partner became worried when the victim did not reply to their calls, officials from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department performed a welfare check. They left since they got no reply when they knocked on the door.

Cops returned to the house approximately two hours later after getting a call that her car was in the driveway.

When police came, they heard a lady crying for assistance and pushed their way inside, where Allswang dragged her into a dark closet in the master bedroom to hide.

Allswang placed a knife to her throat in the closet and threatened to murder her if she shouted. Allswang, according to the woman, grew sexually aroused and asked her to put on one of his mother’s favourite outfits.

Police soon located them in the closet and repeatedly demanded Allswang to free the victim. When he declined, he was shot in the head by an officer.

Allswang’s dad subsequently told authorities that he and his wife were in New York on the night of the incident, and their other son was at camp, giving Allswang time to plan the attack.

After being shot, Allswang was transported to the hospital for treatment and is currently in arrest. He was refused bond and instructed not to contact the victim at his initial court appearance on Thursday.

The officer who shot the suspect, Sargent William Nogueras, is on paid leave as the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office investigates what happened between the accused and the victim.

Allswang’s next court appearance is scheduled on August 8.

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