MIL Calls Her A Sneaky Cow And Threatens To Tell Husband What She Did.

Handling a mother-in-law is not an easy chore. However, you are occasionally fortunate with a good mother-in-law, which is pretty unusual. But that’s not always the case. Mothers-in-law can be a source of toxicity at times. Read the story and let us know your opinion.

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Just to be upfront, I don’t like my MIL at all. We do not get along with each other. We don’t argue and are usually civil but we definitely don’t have any kind of depth in our relationship. So because of that I’m not sure if I was just being a petty AH or no?

It was my husband’s birthday yesterday and I organised a birthday dinner for him with his family and his closest friends at a restaurant. I wrote in the gc that I would be bringing the cake and had ordered some balloons to decorate the table with which would be taken by my husband’s best friend to the restaurant.

Everyone saw these messages.

The dinner was a surprise, he thought that the two of us were having a quiet dinner. I knew I needed to pick up the cake so I told him I had errands to run and I would meet him there.

Anyway I get to the restaurant a few minutes before my husband arrives and ask the maitre d’ to put the cake in the kitchen fridge until we are ready for it. Then he tells me that my MIL has brought an ice cream cake (which is so stupid since husband has allergies) and told them that that was the cake for our party.

I told him I made the reservation and to serve my cake and give the other one back to MIL later.

Husband arrived, we all had a lovely dinner and he loved the cake I bought for him. When it was served though MIL was glaring daggers at me.

After we left dinner she texted me calling me a sneaky cow and threatening to tell husband that I purposely excluded her contribution.

She will probably call him at work later and exaggerate what happened so before then I want to know if I’m the AH, after all we could have just served both cakes. 

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