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37-yr-old woman has 2nd baby with stepson she raised as a child.

The 37-year-old lady, who married her 23-year-old stepson, has announced the birth of their second child.

Vladimir ‘Vova’ Shavyrin was reared by Russian blogger Marina Balmasheva since he was seven years old, and the traditional pair already had one daughter together, Olga.

After becoming pregnant with step-son, the prominent weight loss influencer left Vova’s father.

Despite the fact that Alexy had adopted five children with Marina, they were having an affair behind the dad’s back.

Her justification for falling in love with Vova is that he fell in love with her with all her scars from cosmetic procedures, cellulite, extra skin, and personality. And she does not want to seem better than what she is. the mother of two stated.

Vova’s dad, on the other hand, was obviously dissatisfied with the arrangement.

He said that they weren’t afraid to have sex when he was at home. She seduced her son. His son had never had a girlfriend until she came around. He added that if it hadn’t been his kid, he would have forgiven her for cheating. As he was sleeping, she was racing from our bedroom to my son’s bed. She’d come back and snuggle in bed with him as if nothing had happened.

Marina has said to her fans: ‘Did she have any regrets for destroying the family?’ to which she replied yes and no.

She felt guilty that she had destroyed ‘mum and dad’s’ stability. When questioned would she want to see her ex again? She replied no. Does she have resentment and contempt towards him? She said that is no longer the case. He is a terrific man and a fantastic parent to their kids.

When further questioned about how did the youngsters react to the changes? Completely peacefully.

When asked what have she got today? She said she is married and is relocated to a larger city.

Marina has already resorted to social media to post pictures of her second kid with her stepson.

“Hello,” she captioned the photo.

Marina considers her second husband, who has the most lovely blue eyes in the world, to be “clumsy” when it comes to parenting.

Vova told her to go to bed and that he would put her to sleep, the influencer explained. This is when the party began, and it continued for more than two hours. She sobbed as she watched him awkwardly but firmly push the pram.

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