Toddler left orphaned after her dad drowns less than a year after her mom died of cancer.

A single dad and former Marine was killed in a boating accident in the British Virgin Islands, leaving his daughter orphaned.

Royal Virgin Island police recognized Robert Safford, 33, on Wednesday.

Last week, on March 22, authorities discovered him drifting off the edge of Big Harbour on Jost Van Dyke, one of the archipelago’s islands.

Unfortunately, Safford’s late wife Rachele died of cancer on September 22 at the age of 33, leaving their child Isabella orphaned.

Safford suffered head trauma, and his boat was discovered nearby. Authorities ruled out foul play and declared his death to be accidental.

The RVIPF stated at the time that the one man occupant was discovered lifeless in the seas with wounds to the head while the dinghy he was in was spotted circling in the vicinity.

He was declared dead after efforts to revive him.

Rachele Safford, Safford’s wife, died of cancer last year.

Rob was a single parent by choice, said his buddy Joey Butrico, a former Marine who now broadcasts a podcast on mental health with veterans.

Rachele, Rob’s wife and Bella’s mother, died of cancer in 2022.

Butrico said on GoFundMe that they are hoping for as much assistance as possible to help Bella’s grandparents and family. Having a kid is challenging; perhaps, one can ease the financial strain at this trying period.’

Martial arts teacher Chuck Jack studied with Safford and described him as one of the finest going through SSBC (Scout Sniper Ballistics Computers) with him.

Juan Perez, another former Marine, described Safford as one of the toughest people he ever met.

He said on Facebook that Safford always gave it his best. He loved being a Marine more than anything and earned more and went for more. He is sorry that a sad accident took his life. But, he knows that in Safford’s 33 years, he lived more than most of them will in a lifetime.

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